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Take A Breather

by Marianne Farrell

Photography courtesy of Lime Red Teahouse on Instagram

We have all been there before, it’s 10 p.m. and you’ve been holed up in a cubicle in Mugar Memorial Library for four hours now. You’ve completed no work, and even though you’re on your third Venti iced coffee from the GSU Starbucks, you cannot concentrate at all. Your exam or paper is fast approaching, but you know that at this rate you’re too stressed out to even do your work. Once you’ve reached this point, take a step back, breathe and treat yourself to a few hours away from the library.

LimeRed Teahouse

Right in the heart of Packard’s Corner lies LimeRed Teahouse, an aesthetically pleasing, small boba tea joint perfect for unwinding. Even if you’re not an avid bubble tea fan, treat yourself to a delicious and Instagrammable honeycomb waffle paired with any ice cream of your choice. Enjoy the unique macarons LimeRed offers as well, with flavors such as Nutella, crème brulee, earl grey and honey lavender. Perhaps instead of heading back to Mugar, you could even crack open the books here, and complete that last-minute studying in a slightly prettier location.

Go for a walk in South Campus

While everyone will be taking their de-stressing walks along the Charles River Esplanade, head over to the quiet and less popular South Campus for a nice stroll. Enjoy the sound of the rumbling T, the sights of the cute cafes and quaint restaurants, all while avoiding the masses of people on Commonwealth Avenue and the Esplanade.

Grocery Shopping

This may seem like a slightly strange way to de-stress, but don’t knock it until you try it. Stopping into Target or Trader Joes just to peruse, not necessarily buy anything, can be a great way to relax. Maybe while you’re there, buy some yummy late night snacks that will fuel your inevitable all-nighter this midterm season.

Midterm season may seem like it will never come to an end. Papers and exams mercilessly pile on top of each other, but no need to worry, there’s plenty of ways to get through it.

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