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March For Our Lives: Boston

by Marianne Farrell

Photography courtesy of March For Our Lives on Twitter

Last year, after President Donald Trump was sworn into office, millions of women all over the country gathered together in the now famous Women’s March. This march spanned the entire country, and began a women’s rights revolution on par with the Women’s Suffrage Movement of the early 1900s. The Women’s March led to policy changes, the Me Too Movement and a call for not only equal rights for women, but also fair treatment and fewer cases of sexual, and even emotional, harassment in the workplace.

Ever since the mass shooting at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, students from all over the country have been standing up against gun violence. On March 13th, 7,000 pairs of shoes were placed in front of the Capitol, symbolizing the nearly 7,000 victims of gun violence since the Sandy Hook shootings.

Now, join other Bostonians for another historic march, this time fighting gun violence in America and how the gun epidemic plagues communities of color disproportionately compared to other neighborhoods in America. March for Our Lives in Boston will take place on March 24th in the Boston Common and attempt to put an end to this gun issue in America. Let’s band together to call upon our nation’s government to pass gun regulation laws to protect more children from dying of gun-related crime.

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