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A Room With A Boston View

by Marianne Farrell

Photography courtesy of Michael Tackett on Creative Commons on Flickr

Top of the Tufts Library

This location might not be the first place you would think of for a good view of Boston, but this well-kept secret is a favorite of locals. The Tisch Library at Tufts may be a bit of a hike all the way in Medford, but the outdoor trail is definitely worth a small day trip. Interestingly enough, the top of the Tisch Library holds the trophy for the highest point in Medford, and was built to be a ‘light on the hill.’

Dock on the Esplanade

When the nights begin to warm up, grab a few of your closet friends, some snacks and a speaker and head to the Charles River Esplanade Dock. This skyline view requires no steep stairs to climb or long elevator rides, and is great for those who want the pretty views, but may not be fans of heights. The stunning view of Cambridge and downtown Boston, along with an amazing Boston sunset make for a perfect, and easy, Instagram photo.

Hyatt Regency Cambridge

If you have ever noticed the odd-looking building across the Charles River, maybe even from the dock on the Charles River Esplanade, odds are you noticed the Hyatt Regency Cambridge. This renowned hotel is the perfect spot for your parents to stay when they come to visit during parent weekend in October, but also offers spectacular views of the Charles and downtown Boston area. Plus, it offers a great view of many of the Boston colleges, including Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and of course, Boston University.

Christopher Columbus Park

Located right on the Boston Harbor, head over to this park for wonderful scenic views. Lights adorn the well-known archway in this park during the holidays, and during the spring and summer months wisteria and roses replace the lights.

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