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Why Have One, When You Can Have Two

by Madison Duddy

Photography courtesy of

As the ferocious winter comes to an end in Boston and the promise of warm weather in the coming months approaches, one cannot help but wonder what trends spring and summer fashion will bring.

Directly from the runways, spring/summer 2018 collections are vibrant with sequins, sweet pastels and many bags. Of the three trends, multiple bags is surely a new look that is transitioning quickly from the runways to street style.

From top designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel and Gucci, the hottest look is carrying multiple bags of different sizes. From large totes to shoulder bags, leather fanny packs and miniature, cross body bags that sit on the chest, a person can never have too many purses. Multiple bags provide a stylish, fun option where everything is easily accessible.

Gucci certainly brought a new meaning to fanny packs with their spring/summer 2018 Ophidia belt bags. Slid on a leather belt is a small, stylish bag with a large and a small zippered pouch. Fanny packs not only make everything handy, but provide a fun, young look for anyone on the go. They are worn not only across the hips but also slung over the chest.

Often paired with belt bags are mini, crossbody bags that dominate Dolce & Gabbana’s new collection. The small, millennial bags cultivate a young look with colorful leather, metal chain straps, and crystal DG logos. The trendy thing about these bags is how they are worn. Instead of only wearing the crossbody bags by the hips, these bags can rest on the chest, making it easy to layer bags all over the body.

This trend’s strong start began with models and celebrities sporting multiple bags and is sure to make a splash in the daily looks of the spring and summer months.

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