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A Look Into the Past

by Roma Patel

Photography courtesy of Victor Angel Utrilla on Creative Commons on Flickr

Jaipur, India

Whether you are in the mood to try the traditional curries of the rajas of India, ride elephants and camels, or immerse yourself in the local textile markets, Jaipur has it all. The city is the capital of India’s state Rajasthan, and it is known for its remarkable heritage. The sustained opulent palaces and forts, rich traditions and vibrant material culture of the 18th century, make Jaipur the perfect place to explore India’s royal past.

Valencia, Spain

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, and it is the perfect destination to enjoy the city vibe, while also getting some sun because it is located on the water. With countless tapas bars, food stands in marketplaces and restaurants specializing in paella and other local dishes, the city really allows travelers to experience the food scene. Travelers can also experience Valencia’s rich history by exploring the Baroque architecture and the Art Noveau street art. Valencia offers both a glimpse of Spanish history and the thriving Spanish contemporary scene. Its museums bridge the city’s past and present, ultimately conveying the cultural transformation.

Fez, Morocco

Home to lavishly decorated mosques and madrasas, filled with mosaics and muquarnas, Fez is the perfect destination to explore the Islamic culture and past. The city is over 1200 years old and houses many notable Islamic structures, offering a number of opportunities for travelers to journey to another time. The city also has a lively shopping culture, where its historical past is seen in some contemporary material culture. Through visiting various shops and tanneries in the medina, a marketplace filled with all sorts of spices, arts and textiles, travelers can experience all aspects of culture and bring home some great finds!

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