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Fresh Off The Runway

by Falaknaz Chranya

Photography courtesy of Alejandra Aristeguieta

Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue, arguably some of the top communicators of fashion trends, have put forth their picks for this year’s spring and summer trends. The fashion industry is taking the traditional “bright and light” concept for spring/summer and interpreting it in a whole new dimension. Sequins, metallics, pastels and collars are splashing through magazine spreads and flourishing on runways.

On the runway, designers like Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Dior, Chanel, etc. showcased series of sequin, metallic dresses. This style is definitely something new to spice up one’s wardrobe in a fun, out there kind of way that is definitely far from the “Limited Too” days.

“Sequins and metallic looks allow for some definite bold looks,” said Roshni Kotwani (CAS ’20).

These elements make any outfit pop, and they offer longevity to any outfit because sequins are perfect for the nighttime as well.

One way to keep sequined and metallic outfits from looking too much like NYE is to tone it down with cotton or denim blends. These airy fabrics will not only keep the outfit light for the intense heat in these warmer months, but the texture will also add some dimension to the outfit.

Collared shirts and dresses, as seen in Vogue, are also in this season. This structured look contrasts the typical flowy concepts that are seen in this time of the year. However, when paired with pastels and prints, it can easily transform any fall/winter outfit for the spring and summer time.

Kavya Raghunathan (CAS ’17) said she likes to pair her “black crop top with a bright red/hot pink floral accent with a black or white blazer because the contrast is so intriguing.”

Although designers on the runway have pieces that are to-die for, there are also many retailers that offer these trends at a much more affordable price. Zara is a go-to for blazers; they have satin blazers that are a bit more sheen, giving a more sleek look than just a normal work outfit and a cotton candy colored double breasted blazer that goes perfectly with the pastel theme. They also have a blazer with an open neckline that combines feminine and structured elements. Topshop offers some great sequined options ranging from a sequin fringe jacket and miniskirt combo to the “Festival Angelica Sequin Cape.” They even have a pair of statement sequin earrings.

Try pairing a dark colored satin crop top with beige or white high-waisted, canvas shorts. This mixing of texture allows for some dimension in the outfit while also serving functional purposes. Another spring outfit can be put together by wearing a pair of metallic colored paper-bag pants and a plain white t-shirt tucked in. This simple, chic and totally casual outfit allows for comfort and style. To change it up for nighttime, or a more formal event, throw on a pastel blazer or a jacket with sequins only on the collars.

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