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Psychedelic Baby

by Nicki Hymowitz

Photography courtesy of Nicki Hymowitz

Indie-rock band of Montreal embraced Paradise Rock Club on March 26 with their psychedelic pop hits. The Georgia natives had no problem getting the audience riled up, as the crowd danced the night away.

The audience went wild for front man Kevin Barnes, who knows how to make one hell of an entrance. Barnes went above and beyond, constantly changing outfits and wigs. The audience excitedly screamed in response every time he came out in a different, elaborate piece. The crowd was unified and energetic, coming together when dancing to the pop beats and helping the creatures on stage crowd surf. Although Paradise Rock Club is a larger venue, Barnes made sure to move around the stage so everyone could view his epic presence.

Simply put, the stage performance was one for the books. The band takes their time in creating a visual and interactive masterpiece. The backdrop and lights on stage were so obscure—colorful and mesmerizing, pulling the audience into a trance. After every few songs, surprise guests would appear, including dragons, apes, dogs and other mythical creatures. So much more than your typical concert, it’s a show like no other and definitely one you don’t want to miss. It was inspiring to witness Barnes, watching how freely he moved on stage and the immense amount of energy he delivered throughout the entire show.

Of Montreal mixed the classics with their latest 2018 album, White is Relic/Irrealis Mood. When it comes to this band’s style of music, it’s impossible not to start dancing. The melodies are eccentric, fused with a disco-pop vibe. It only took a few chords for everyone to identify their songs, most likely due to each track’s undeniable uniqueness. Some of the standouts included “it’s different for girls,” “Gronlandic Edit” and “let’s relate,”as well as “Paranoic Intervals/Body Dysmorphia,” and “Plateau Phase/No Careerism No Corruption,” which are off their newest album. Whether it was a well-known track from the band’s previous eras or part of their newer work, fans couldn’t get enough.

Speaking of fans, the venue was filled with a mix of early-20 somethings. Some went all out in glitter and colorful clothing; others had colored hair and rocked vintage outfits. Regardless, everyone was passionate about the band, easily giving into the music and dancing the night away—making the show’s end particularly difficult. The audience screamed in protest, begging for more. Thankfully, Of Montreal delivered and graced them with an encore of three more hits.

The band really pulled out all the stops, creating an unforgettable night. Moreover, the music caters to the emotions of the younger generation—the funky, psychedelic rhythms serving as an added bonus.

If you ever get a chance to see this band live, be prepared for dancing and constant awe. Not many musicians put on this kind of performance anymore, making it particularly special. The intensity of love and passion this band puts into creating the show is the ultimate form of expression. Looking around the room, as the colorful lights hit the crowd, most people looked like they transcended and traveled to another place – and that is the ultimate goal of a concert. They closed their eyes and truly felt the music, with the moves to prove it.

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