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Beyond Mugar

by Geneve Lau

photography courtesy of Amanda Willis

It’s no secret that the Mugar Memorial Library isn’t the most optimal place to study on campus. However, sometimes the coffee shop vibe really just isn’t killing it and you need the peace and quiet of the library atmosphere to get you through finals.

Some of these libraries may be more well known. But for the most part, many students don’t know about these locations outside of Mugar that can fuel your productivity and provide a space for creativity. The next time you find yourself packing your bag with snacks for a few hours grinding away at Mugar, consider trying one of these other locations!

African Studies Library (6th Floor of Mugar)

Technically, this location is still a part of Mugar, but its ambience is very much so different. With a variety of seating options, its higher floor oftentimes leaves it relatively less crowded than the lower floors. In addition, the yellow color of the walls and the plants strewn around gives it a brighter mood than your typical library. If you need a few hours of quiet studying but want to be close to other amenities (like food in the GSU), this location is perfect for you!

Astronomy Library

If you happen to have time to kill in between classes or need to seriously catch up on work, this location is perfect for you! Located right in CAS, you can skip sitting on the hallway floor or fighting someone for a wall cubicle.

Fineman and Pappas Law Library (Law Library)

Located inside the Law School, this library is raved about by many students for being the perfect study spot. This location can be a tricky one at first, because technically undergraduate students are not allowed to use the space. They are most serious during the time around finals, so avoid going in a large group and you should be able to stay without getting kicked out. If not, the lobby of the same building is a great option with the floor to ceiling windows bringing it plenty of natural sunlight.

Frederick S. Pardee Management Library (Questrom Library)

This library is a favorite choice of many students because of its modern, sleek design and its proximity for those that live in East campus. You can even reserve conference rooms now, which makes it a great spot for group projects or study groups. Its entrance can be a bit tricky to navigate, but don’t give up! Make your way through the hallways on the second floor and you will be sure to run into the door.

Pickering Educational Resources Library

Located in the Wheelock College of Education, this library isn’t just a great place for students studying education! Rumor has it that there’s free coffee as well, which is a huge bonus if you’ve been feeling extra sleep deprived but still need to finish work.

School of Theology Library

Many students wouldn’t enter the School of Theology unless they had a class in the building, but this location is actually a great spot to go if you know the other locations on campus will be crowded. Its close proximity to the GSU means you don’t have to walk far to get a food or coffee break!

Science & Engineering Library

This library is a favorite of students studying in the STEM fields because it’s an easy way for them to ask peers questions on assignments. However, don’t be discouraged going here if you aren’t studying in a STEM field; you are still welcome to use the location. The best part? There’s a Keurig for all students, so no need to load up on caffeine beforehand!

The next time you find yourself gathering your books to spend a few hours studying away, hopefully you don’t dread Mugar and choose one of these locations instead!

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