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Soothing Spots and Where to Find Them

by Isaac Word

photography courtesy of Diego Pereira Cardoso

With the semester officially in full swing, it’s becoming easier to fall into the notorious “BU Bubble.” This is basically a term that refers to students being too busy to leave the stretch of Commonwealth Avenue that we know to be our campus.

While there’s nothing wrong with staying devoted to your studies and sticking around campus, there are so many places right in our den that you can retreat to and take a breather.

COM Lawn

If you go to BU, then you already know that the College of Communication takes great pride in their lawn—and for a good reason. With it being one of the few green spaces on a very urban campus, this can be an ideal place to sit on the grass and take it all in.

Maya Jones (COM ’22) said, “It is the best place to relax after a long day of classes,” and also noted that the rock fountain is her favorite part. If you find yourself daydreaming and listening to the water pour out from the rock fountain, you might just forget that you attend school in the middle of Boston.

The 26th Floor of Stuvi2

This is the type of place where someone might post a picture on Instagram and caption it “views.” If you want to see Boston like you’ve never seen it before, this is the place to be. The scenery includes expanse of the Charles River and Commonwealth Avenue that run down into the South End, with Cambridge clearly visible on the other side of the river.

Although many use this space as a study lounge, it still makes for a nice weekday retreat when school starts to make you break a sweat.

BU Beach

This is arguably the heart and soul of campus, being that is falls in the center of the stretch of Commonwealth Avenue. Located right behind Marsh Chapel, the large area of greenery serves as an asylum for students looking to read, catch up with friends or just lay out and soak up some rays while it’s still a bearable temperature outside.

Also, they say if you lay down and close your eyes, then the passing traffic of Sorrow Drive sounds just like the crashing waves of the ocean. Eric Feng (CAS ’21) noted that BU Beach is “a great place to chill while surrounding cars make calming waves sounds.”

Amory Park

Though it barely falls off campus, the park is surely just a hop, skip and a jump away from your residence hall. Amory Park is maybe the largest grass area within a few blocks of campus, and you’ll always see tons of dogs roaming about when you go so you’ll probably see me there too. Located just a few blocks down Amory Street, this park is an ideal getaway for someone looking to leave campus and not stray too far from home.

West Campus Courtyard

For anyone in Rich, Claflin or Sleeper, the area outside of the dorms serves as a prime hangout spot. Although this is usually comprised of freshman, there are so many nice benches and lots of green space for everyone to enjoy.

It can also be an ideal spot to watch the various sporting events held at Nickerson Field. Ask anyone who lives on West Campus and they’ll tell you that there are people outside the dorms 24/7, so you’ll always have someone to talk to.

Your Dorm

Although it might sound not at all creative, you should consider just staying in your dorm every so often to distance yourself from all the commotion. At a school that knows about hustle and bustle all too well, you need to establish your dorm as a sacred space for relaxing and really making it feel as much like home as you can.

With your own artistic touch and decorative sense, personalizing your room can make all the difference, and also be a convenient way to simultaneously relieve some stress. Sometimes we just want to stay in and watch a movie, so by all means you should do it. For tips on creating a homey atmosphere, check out this article on the Buzz.

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