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Scavenger Hunt

by Kate Thrane

photography courtesy of Amanda Willis

One of the best things to do around Boston in the Fall is to explore the city and take in all the historical sights! The city is steeped in history and there is so much to learn while walking through the Freedom Trail and visiting all the legendary places Boston has to offer. Just wandering through town there are so many monuments paying homage to Revolutionary War heroes.

In this great city, history really comes alive and there is so much to absorb. There is one very interesting, interactive way to get to know Boston and all its charms: a scavenger hunt.

If you are an incoming freshman wanting to get your bearings in your new home, or if you are just looking for something fun and different to do on a crisp Autumn day, a scavenger hunt is a great way to spend some time and learn a lot along the way. All you need is a couple hours, a smart phone and some adventurous friends and you are on your way.

Let’s Roam offers four different hunts including ones in the Downtown area, Bay Bay, Boston Parks and at Harvard University. All hunts are self-guided, using phones. Players will be given assignments to take pictures at various historical sights, asked to solve riddles and quizzed about United States history and challenged to find certain items. The cost is around $11.

Another great option is the Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure-Boston. This experience is a cross between the Amazing Race and a tour of Boston. Participants use their smartphones and canvas the city completing challenges and solving clues at many well-known and obscure sights throughout the city. Choose between The Freedom Trail Hunt, which begins at Boston Common, or the Boston Harbor Hunt which takes in the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, and historic harbor sites including the location of the Boston Tea Party. The cost is $49 for up to five people.

The scavenger hunts provide a good education about the city and the Revolutionary War. Many historical figures are brought to life in this fun exercise. It is guaranteed to be one of the most entertaining learning experiences you will have this semester.

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