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10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About BU

by Isaac Word

photography courtesy of Brittany Bauman

1. The Metropolitan College?

Essentially, MET is a school within BU that offers only evening, online and blended learning courses. Students are able to study graduate, undergraduate and certificate programs. From its conception, it was designed for working professionals, and the later classes were better catered to them.

2. There’s a Fenway Campus…and it even has a dining hall.

If you cut through South Campus or take a walk down Brookline Avenue past Fenway Park, you will eventually reach BU’s Fenway campus! Though it is relatively small compared to other campus communities, it has its own distinct qualities that attract many students.

“I like living here because I like the people,” David Liedig (CAS ’20) said. “It’s very mixed, very international, with a lot of exchange students.”

3. There actually aren’t any classes in the Kilachand Center for Integrated Life Sciences & Engineering.

Though some might already know this, the building was a gift from Rajen Kilachand for the purpose of research. The building is home to multiple research centers and they are given the chance to work together for a more dynamic research process. A few of these branches include systems neuroscience, biological design, cognitive neuroimaging and neurophotonics.

4. The College of General Studies is only a two-year program.

CGS is a two-year, general education core curriculum that provides its students with a liberal arts education within a large university. Upon completing their requirements within this college, students can smoothly transition into any undergraduate school or college at BU. CGS requires students to take a few courses in another college during their first two years, so they likely would have already started earning credits toward a specific major.

5. What is the Hub?

“I’m in the Hub, and I still don’t really know,” Alex Ahmad (QST ’22) said.

The Hub is essentially a new general education program that began implementation with this year’s freshman class graduating in 2022. Instead of taking a certain number of humanities courses or math courses, there are different units within learning capacities to fulfill. These six learning capacities include Philosophical, Aesthetic and Historical Interpretation; Scientific and Social Inquiry; Quantitative Reasoning; Diversity, Civic Engagement and Global Citizenship; Communication; and the Intellectual Toolkit. A single class can cover at most three Hub units.

6. The City Convenience in Kenmore Square is closing for good.

For those who live in West, this might not greatly affect you, but for the people in East…your closest City Co. is officially under Warren. The store has already shut down, and its door is decorated with a little piece of paper reading: CLOSED.

7. BU has its own high school.

The school is called the BU Academy and can be found right next to the GSU, before the BU Bridge. It is a private high school that combines liberal arts coursework with actual classes at Boston University. According to their website, 44% of the class of 2017 was recognized for National Merit Commendations. With 186 total students and an average class size of 11, the high school provides a learning experience like no other.

8. There’s a dorm PAST the Citgo Sign!

Like, really far past it…Danielsen Hall is located at 512 Beacon Street, which is right next to the Massachusetts Avenue bridge. The dorm is known to be populated mostly by international and transfer students. Though these students might have a hike to classes, many rooms have private bathrooms and breathtaking views, and they are in the closest dorm to Newbury Street!

9. There will be a new science building.

On October 1, President Brown announced the plans for a new Data Sciences building. This particular field has become a popular occupation with a need for more scientists and BU hopes to be a leader in the booming field.

“This is the science that’s going to change the way we behave, driving our behavior for the next 50 or 100 years,” Brown told BU Today.

They plan to house the intricate 17-floor tower on Commonwealth Avenue, in the space that is currently the Granby parking lot next to CAS.

10. There’s no football team, but will there be one?

BU had a football team from 1884 to 1997, and many students wish it was still around. With football accompanies a culture that many enjoy and it is a factor that students consider when choosing whether or not to attend BU.

This year, BU developed a club football team. While it’s no Division 1 team, this could be a step in the right direction for Terrier football fans.

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