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Transforming Boston into a Hub for Fashion ... One Pink Oyster Scarf at a Time

by Caroline Shamon

photography courtesy of Caroline Shamon

Hourglass, a new pop-up shop, is in Fenway until December 24th. Co-founders Nicole Fichera and Erin Robertson opened the feminine, quirky store in mid-November. It is absolutely perfect for anyone who needs a little more self-love in their lives.

Their slogan is, “You look great. You are amazing. You are enough.” This is exactly what it feels like when shopping and chatting with the young, bubbly entrepreneurs. Both women are passionate about the intersection of fashion and art, Nicole being a talented artist, while Erin is the winner of Project Runway Season 15.

The store includes products that range from clothing to accessories to decorations. Since it is the peak of the holiday shopping season, one thing the founders want their shoppers to know is that there is no strict gift guide that they could put out for their customers; holiday shopping is about shopping for humans.

One of their best-selling items is a deck of 50 “moments of myself” cards. These special cards emphasize emotional intelligence and demonstrate how understanding yourself fits into living a creative and healthy life on your own terms. Nicole’s cards are the perfect treat for anybody in need of inspiration or weekly meditation.

Another popular item is a pink oyster scarf that Erin designed in collaboration with another local artist. The iconic oyster print has not been done before, and Erin took advantage of this niche. Typically, an oyster print would be navy and nautical, but she took it in a whole different direction with pink tones and a message valuing female empowerment.

In a neighborhood dominated by male sports, Erin and Nicole wanted to use the power of color and pattern to make a statement.

Hourglass sources and produces many of their products locally. Erin makes the clothes, while Nicole focuses on the art. The entrepreneurs use social media as a powerful tool to promote their message and brand. Their Instagram community is important to them, and a handful of customers come into Hourglass after finding them solely on this platform. Erin and Nicole are passionate about self-love and want their customers to have the same feeling when they enter their store.

These ladies are extremely hard working, creative, talented and optimistic. Together, they hope to grow Boston’s art and fashion community. They feel it is most important for people to create and do what they love to do.

The pair combined their resources in order to pursue their dreams. Nicole’s advice for entrepreneurs is, “You can do more than you think you can do. If artists and fashion designers keep doing what they’re doing, but do it a little louder, people will start to notice.”

They also view social media as a powerful tool that spreads the idea that it does not matter where you are when you create art.

Erin says, “If an image is iconic, social media will allow opportunities for people to notice and respond.”

Be sure to check out Hourglass before they leave on December 24th for a strong dose of self-love and optimism.

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