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Combos and Collabs

by Alyssa Yeh

photography courtesy of Dirty Water Dough Instagram

Coreanos (Allston)

Students love this revolutionary Korean-Mexican fusion restaurant, which is conveniently located a couple T stops away from campus (get off at Harvard Avenue). It's a perfect stop if you want to grab a tasty, quick and unique meal.

Try: The Coreanos Bowl

Cheers Cut X Gong Cha (Allston)

Take the short trek to Harvard Avenue for the ultimate Taiwanese comfort food experience. Cheers Cut is known for traditional Taiwanese-style meals and specializes in fried chicken. Gong Cha is a popular boba chain founded in Taiwan and has locations worldwide. The combined space is a self-service style eatery, which means tips are not necessary (a plus for college students low on a low budget)!

Try: Samurai Crispy Chicken Combo from Cheers Cut, Pearl Milk Tea from Gong Cha

Dirty Water Dough (Newbury Street)

Dirty Water Dough is a great place to go for a pick-me-up after a day of shopping on Newbury Street. Customers have the opportunity to try creative pizza mash-ups such as "Steak n Cola," "Chicken Alfredo" and the "Taco" pizza. Dirty Water's pizza dough features the secret ingredient, "Dirty Water IPA." This is a nod to when the water in the Charles was too dirty to drink, so people used beer to make bread instead.

Try: Mac Cheesy or BBQ Chicken

Explorateur (Downtown)

Right across the street from the Boylston T stop and the Boston Common, Explorateur is conveniently and centrally located. Even better, it is a cafe, restaurant and bar all in one! The coolest part of the place is the unique and revolutionary usage of space. Students can work in the "café" area from 7:30 a.m. until 10 p.m., while the restaurant and bar open up during various hours throughout the day for brunch, lunch, dinner, wine and more.

Try: chocolate croissant

Beard Papa’s X Chatime (Chinatown)

Located right across the hall from each other in bustling Chinatown, Beard Papa’s and Chatime are a delectable dessert combo. Beard Papa’s is an international cream puff chain that started in Osaka, Japan. Their flaky and fresh puffs come in unique flavors such as matcha and honey butter. Chatime is the largest teahouse franchise in the world, and has an expansive drink menu for all your bubble tea needs.

Try: Original Cream Puff from Beard Papa’s, Signature Milk Tea from Chatime

&pizza X Milk Bar (Cambridge)

The famous Milk Bar has arrived in Boston, and it is sharing its space with the yummy &pizza. Milk Bar has attracted fans worldwide with its unexpected ingredients and award-winning baked goods. &pizza is a casual pizza joint that also values unconventional and innovative flavors. Head to Harvard Square for that two-in-one savory and sweet fix (and great aesthetic photo-ops).

Try: "Craft Your Own" Pizza from &pizza, Cereal Milk Soft Serve from Milk Bar

These are just a few out of the many creative restaurants found around Boston. Be sure to check these out, scope out some new ones or even start your own someday!

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