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Spring Break in Boston

by Liz Harmison

photography courtesy of Pexels

During the normal hustle and bustle of college life, it can become difficult to escape the BU bubble and explore Boston to the fullest. The following is a list of eight places that are perfect to explore during a Boston spring break.

Watch a movie at the Coolidge Corner Theatre

Whether it’s a cult classic or a new indie film, the Coolidge Corner Theatre is always showing interesting films that rotate on a daily basis. Some of the movies showing over spring break include Jumanji, The Room and Robocop.

Enjoy the flora of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

There may not be flowers blooming in Boston, but luckily the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum features a garden full of beautiful flowers and plants that are thriving all year long. Not to mention, it is also filled with famous paintings and statues that are sure to catch your eye.

Enjoy Spanish cuisine at Barcelona Wine Bar

Just because you’re still in the United States for spring break doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to be abroad. Use your imagination and let yourself be transported to Spain at Barcelona Wine Bar. Enjoy an array of tapas-style delicacies, such as patatas bravas and chorizo with sweet and sour figs.

Brunch at Lincoln Tavern and Restaurant

Although Lincoln Tavern is known for its weekend brunches, they are also quite famous for their Brunch Test Kitchen, which occurs every Friday. At this time of the semester, most students are busy with studying or classes, so take advantage of having some time off from school and try out their experimental brunch menu, which changes weekly and is full of wacky combinations.

Hammock on BU Beach

On sunny March days when the temperature reaches anything above fifty degrees, it is not uncommon to see students all over the BU Beach hammocking between the trees. Take advantage of the lower volume of students on campus, find two trees to nestle between and enjoy some stunning views of the Charles River.

Study at the Boston Public Library

It may be Spring Break, but that doesn’t stop professors from assigning work or midterms for as soon as student’s return. Take advantage of the stunning architecture of the Boston Public Library and get a head start on that reading or essay that’s due after break.

Window Shop on Newbury Street

Between busy class schedules, it is difficult to make the time to walk down Newbury Street in its entirety and see all the unique boutiques and shops that normally might not catch your eye. Spring break is the perfect opportunity to avoid some of the crowds that are common on the weekends and leisurely stroll to discover some of Newbury’s hidden gems.

Catch a Celtics or Bruins Game

Boston’s basketball and hockey teams each have two home games scheduled during BU’s spring break. On Saturday, March 9, the Bruins will face the Ottawa Senators, and on Saturday, March 16, they’ll play the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Celtics will play the Sacramento Kings on Thursday, March 14 and the Atlanta Hawks on Saturday, March 16.

Spending spring break in Boston is the perfect excuse to get out there and take advantage of this beautiful city. Enjoy!

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