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New Face of Marketing

by Anna Cavallino

photography courtesy of Pexels

Entering the world of business and marketing can initially appear to be a very daunting pursuit; you, along with many other students, may be inhibited by the fear of not having “what it takes” to make it to the top. Oftentimes, the root of this problem is a lack of experience and therefore, a potential lack of comfort and confidence. Fear no more, because there is a solution you may have overlooked when it has been laying right beneath your nose: the Guerrilla Marketing Society.

The Guerrilla Marketing Society is a prospering student-run organization at BU that uses inexpensive, but effective marketing techniques to cater to the needs of local popular businesses, such as Caffe Nero and Room Escape Boston. Having only been revived in the fall of 2016, the club has grown from about 30 members to a whopping 50 in less than three years, a staggering jump showcasing the success rate of the club in terms of membership retainment and the enthusiasm of these retained members to spread the word.

While many other academic clubs at BU tend to be lecture-based, what draws many to the Guerrilla Marketing Society is the focus on hands-on experience and immersing students into a business-like environment, head-on. While all the weekly meetings start with a brief workshop, the majority of time is spent applying what skills students learned in the workshop to marketing for real-life businesses. From the start of the semester, when they are broken up into teams based on what client they are interested in working with, to the end, when they get suited up and present their work to their peers and possibly even their clients, students become part of not only an academically-stimulating community, but one that welcomes their suggestions with open arms.

“As a team, we have become a family,” said GMS’s secretary, Erina Yoh (Questrom ’19). “I feel so lucky to be a part of this and watch it grow even after I graduate.”

For some members, like VP of Practice, Frances Smyth (Questrom ’21), who was an account manager for a team of seven juniors in her freshman year, GMS has substantially helped not only when it comes to taking classes at BU, but also when setting out on future career endeavors.

“This club has given me enough leverage to use in interviews to get me places,” Smyth said. “Because people are so intrigued by it, it makes it a great topic of conversation.”

With a highly-organized and ambitious e-board team and leadership committee, students are very much challenged and motivated to push their boundaries as they are supported.

“Part of what I love most about my leadership role is my ability to pass my passions and interests along and cultivate them in someone else,” said account manager, Arushi Suri (SAR’19).

GMS’s main goal for the future is to expand itself and reach people who are not just business majors in Questrom. Within this semester, the society has seen a growing number of students in COM majors, something that may seem unconventional on the surface but proves to be very much encouraged by the society.

“Marketing is a good skill for anyone to have,” said Emily Chan (COM ’21). “Business tactics can be applied everywhere, regardless of what your major is.”

So, even if you are a neuroscience major in CAS or a dance major in CFA, don’t hesitate to check out Guerrilla Marketing Society. You won’t regret it!

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