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Jess Glynne The Captivator

by Yi-Wen Wong

photography courtesy of Yi-Wen Wong

On April 1st, Jess Glynne took the stage at the House of Blues in Boston as the fifth stop of her “Always In Between” Tour. The British singer-songwriter is out to promote her sophomore album, following the success of her first album, “I Cry When I Laugh.” Glynne’s first album received widespread acclaim, thanks to a couple breakout hits such as “Rather Be” and “Hold My Hand.” Taking her time to produce of similar valor, it took 3 years for Glynne to complete her second album.

Opening the show for her was Abir, a Moroccan singer-songwriter from New York. Starting out the show strong, she combined a mixture of covers and original tracks to get the crowd in an energetic mood. Abir’s smooth tone coupled with her powerhouse vocals set the tone for the show, getting the crowd energized. Abir looked comfortable on the big stage, not forgetting to thank Jess Glynne for giving her this opportunity.

Moments later, Jess Glynne came out in spectacular fashion to one of her classic bangers, “Hold My Hand.” Accompanied by her three backup vocalists, Jess Glynne’s voice cut through the music and captivated the audience immediately. As a more of a purist singer-songwriter than a pop performer, Glynne’s choice to leave out flashy moves and displays highlighted her lyrical prowess validated her talent as a true artist.

Two songs into the show, and Glynne decided to treat the audience with an acoustic rendition of her song “Thursday,” entrancing the crowd with her impressive vocal runs. Showing off her versatility as a singer, Glynne displayed a rawness not so clearly seen in her pop-heavy album. Seeing her performance live gave her songs a new dimension, transcending mainstream pop.

First breaking out as an artist with Clean Bandit’s hit song “Rather Be,” the singer has come a long way since that hit, producing countless hits including the new single off her latest album, “I’ll Be There,” which was the song she ended her set on.

What was a little noticeable was that at times her voice seemed limited, no doubt due to the two surgeries on her vocal cords. Despite all of that, Glynne pushed through and gave the crowd a performance to remember, powering through song after song with the help of the crowd singing her songs back to her, word for word. Making sure to always get the crowd involved with the show, she talked about her appreciation for the city of Boston and her fans, taking in the crowd singing her lyrics back to her. Reflecting on her struggles throughout her career, she made sure to take the time to appreciate the support of her fans, crediting them for helping her get through her multiple surgeries.

All in all, Jess Glynne delivered a spectacular performance that pleased the crowd, taking the house down with hit after hit, while showing a much more mature and introspective side to her artistry. The time she has spent making her new album has definitely helped her to hone her craft, and she produced something for her fans that was worth the wait.

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