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Glossier Play

by Guenevere Dunstan

photography courtesy of Glossier Instagram

On February 4th, Glossier launched its newest eclectic brand, Glossier Play. Different from the dewy natural aesthetic of Glossier, Glossier Play stated that they are inspired by “sound, motion, and fun.” Introducing their newest campaign with just four primary products that come in 28 shades, they are pegging themselves as the colorful counterpart of the otherwise minimalist Glossier.

Glossier Play includes four core products: Colorslide, a technogel eye pencil, Vinylic Lip, a high shine lip lacquer, Glitter Gelée, a one-step glitter gel that gives you a ‘jeweled’ effect, and Niteshine, a highlighter concentrate made from ‘refined pearl powder.’ Each one is meant to be used in a variety of different ways, with the goal of being a tool for self-expression. And the best part of it all? You can sample each product by building your own custom Glossier “playground,” which includes the entire range of products for just $60.

Most notable about Glossier Play’s launch was their pioneering campaign video for accepting the various gender identities represented within the beauty industry. Singer and queer icon, Troye Sivan, partnered up with Glossier as their campaign star, helping to break down the stigma against men wearing makeup. Also starring in their campaign video was the viral dancing sensation, Donte Colley, and activist/presenter, Noor Tagouri.

With the inclusion of Sivan and Colley, Glossier joins a growing number of beauty brands who are featuring men in their advertisements. Prestigious brands like Tom Ford and Chanel have also jumped on the bandwagon with the introduction of Boy de Chanel and Tom Ford for Men. In the press release for Boy de Chanel, the brand stated, “Beauty is about style. It knows no gender.” Milk Makeup also tapped into this movement last November by featuring entrepreneur, Luka Sabbat, on their face tattoo stamp campaign.

Not only are makeup brands breaking down the stereotypes of gender identity, but male makeup influencers are also on the rise. By now, beauty enthusiasts are probably familiar with Manny Gutierrez, a prominent beauty blogger and the first male brand representative for Maybelline. His elaborate makeup looks and beauty transformations have gained him a following of 4 million on Instagram. As male beauty becomes more mainstreamed, makeup and skincare for men are not only becoming more accepted but also viewed as tools that men should be able to use for self-expression.

Glossier’s latest campaign marks a groundbreaking step for the evolving diversity in the cosmetic industry. Through the deconstruction and de-stigmatization of gender norms, Glossier Play is a brand meant to be worn by anyone who desires to express themselves through beauty.

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