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Rain, Rain, Go Away

by Carlee Campuzano

photography courtesy of Pexels

With summer drawing closer Boston’s rainy spring is almost over ... but, rain showers can pop up at any time, no matter the season (and Boston’s weather is known for being unpredictable). April showers hit us hard this season with record-breaking rainfall on some days. On April 22nd, Boston broke its record for the most rainfall on that given day, replacing 1937’s record of 1.89 inches with 2.3 inches. The city received over five inches of rain this past month, 1.88 inches above normal, according to a meteorologist with the weather service.

For students on Boston University’s campus, an increase in Boston’s rainfall could mean having to adjust daily schedules a bit. Students might have the slight inconvenience of having to take a different route to class or waking up a little earlier to accommodate for the weather. Events might get cancelled and rescheduled, and students might not have the best hair day thanks to humidity.

Overall, rain only affects student lives slightly, and there are ways to get the most out of rainy days on campus while continuing to thrive as a student. Many Bostonians agree that always being prepared is the key to surviving Boston weather. We might have a sunny day in the morning and get hit with rain showers in the evening, or we could have a chilly, 45-degree morning, and warm up to a 70-degree afternoon.

COM graduate student Dan Merino, with the science journalism program, bikes to campus every day from Cambridge. Merino studied marine biology for his undergraduate degree and also surfs and snowboards frequently, so he calls himself a longtime follower of the weather.

“As a biker, I’m worried that I’m more difficult to be seen by cars when it’s raining,” said Merino (COM ’19). “Good rain gear is important, and waterproof backpacks are really nice, especially as a COM student having to carry around equipment… fashion shouldn’t be a priority; also, comfort is more important.” To revitalize worn-in rain coats, Merino recommends purchasing a rain jacket revitalizer online. They do exist! Nikwax is an example, a wash-in waterproof revitalizer that also helps with your raingear’s breathability.

Bikers should be sure to wear a helmet and have awareness of the local biker traffic laws, especially for those rainy days with less visibility on the road. Walkers, on the other hand, might have to travel away from their routine path to avoid getting wet on rainy days. For students who live in West Campus, the BU Shuttle operates day and night, and there are shortcuts you can take, such as the tunnel behind Agganis Arena that exits into the Student Village.

“They just put up student art displays in the tunnel, and I think it makes any walk on a rainy day a sunny one” said Erin Condon (CAS ’20). Condon always walks from her Stuvi2 apartment in West because she finds it easier than waiting for the shuttle, especially when in a rush. For fellow walkers, she suggests investing in a waterproof jacket and not a water resistant one.

“Water resistant jackets are the worst and always get heavy when wet,” said Condon. “I usually don’t use an umbrella because it can be a hassle.” She then tossed up a peace sign and added, “especially if you’re a girl on the go.”

No matter how Boston students choose to travel around campus, good raingear is a must-have--especially a jacket and pair of boots. The city of Boston and BU’s campus have endless activities to partake in indoors on suitable days. On other days, a rainy day might just be Mother Nature’s push for students to sit down and start that essay. No matter how a rainy day is spent, sunshine always follows.

Enjoy those remaining days of spring, Terriers!

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