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Not-So-Hard Goodbyes

by Sarah McAtamney

Photo courtesy of Wix

As the end of 2019 approaches, it's time to reflect on the fashion trends that hit the streets and blessed the feeds. A common question for many is, “Am I buying this because it's trendy, or because I think it will become a closet staple?” It can be difficult to decipher whether a trend is here to stay or on the way out, so here is a list of items to stay (an investment piece, perhaps) or go (please, we’ve seen too many, it’s not worth it) in 2020.

Trends to Stay:

  1. Biker Shorts: Hailey Bieber is the ultimate inspiration here. They can be dressed up or down. One option is to wear them to your workout and pair with an oversized sweatshirt and sneakers for the rest of your day; or for a dressier look, buy a pair of leather or suede ones and wear with a cropped bra/top and oversized jacket. They are a perfect transitional piece, as they look best with oversized jackets and sweatshirts.

  2. Western Boots: I am here for western boots, so much so that I am considering splurging on a pair from Ganni. The square toe has been everywhere recently; square-toed delicate sandals were the most popular item this summer. As fall approaches, western boots with a pair of straight leg jeans or a midi dress is an amazing look.

  3. Straight Leg Jeans: While some may argue that this isn’t a trend, it's undeniable that we saw these everywhere in 2019. They are the most flattering jeans on any body type. The high waist, medium wash, full-length type should be a staple in everyone’s closet. Style them with a plain white tee and sneakers for class, or with a blazer and boots for dinner out.

  4. Oversized Blazers: They are incredibly chic in the workplace, so naturally, it was exciting when influencers began wearing oversized blazers as a more casual, out-of-office look. These blazers would look great with straight leg jeans or biker shorts and boots. Try dressing outside of the box with the plaid pattern, but you can never go wrong with black.

Trends that Need to Go:

  1. Dad Sneakers: Honestly, I’m not a fan. I think a white sneaker is a closet staple, but try a low top, all-white, flat pair.

  2. Teddy Bear Jackets: Are these called teddy bear jackets? The big, puffy, fuzzy I.AM.GIA jacket that went viral. While I am a fan of the trend and stand by it for comfort and coziness in the fall, as a fashionable piece it will probably not continue into 2020.

  3. Leopard/Cheetah Midi Skirt: OK, these skirts were the IT item for spring/summer 2019. While they are definitely cute, this print is tired. Instead, purchase a black or burgundy silk midi for the fall.

  4. Mini Purses: What is the purpose of the mini purse? It’s too small to hold anything. That’s all.

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