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Spooky Season

by Anna Cavallino

Photo courtesy of Wix

Well, BU students, it appears that spooky season is upon us with the infamous last day of October only a couple of weeks away. With decorations already beginning to line Bay State Road and large shipments of Amazon packages flowing into the mailroom containing Halloween costumes, it is clear everyone is revving up for one of the most exciting holidays in college. Unfortunately, it is midterm season and the only thing you may scan through online is your Blackboard gradebook or your lengthy notes, so the chances of you searching for Halloween events in Boston is quite slim. Here is your virtual shortcut, you’re welcome.

Ghosts and Gravestones Tour

On this ghoulish tour, you will be absolutely spooked by Boston’s haunted history as you are led through two of the oldest burying grounds in Boston. Also known as the “Trolley of Terror,” the tour is guided by a costumed gravedigger (not actually a gravedigger) who entertains and shares ghost stories of real murders, torturings, and executions that heinously took over the very streets and sights you will be walking through. Ever heard of New England’s biggest grave-robbing scandal? How about the Boston Strangler? This tour digs into these frightening but intriguing parts of Boston’s past and brings them to life, leaving everyone on the tour gripping to friends or even strangers they have just met. Who knew Boston has a real-life horror story of its own? To learn more about the tour visit their website.

Haunted Pizza Tour

Yes, it does come with complimentary free pizza. This tour starts at Old North Church, and continues through Boston’s oldest neighborhood, the North End, as you stroll through the crypts below this old-standing church, then make your way to Boston’s second oldest burying ground, Copp’s Hill, and finally to the Paul Revere house, Boston’s oldest residence. You will listen to ghost stories of each of these old historic sites while chomping on not one, not two, but three different slices of Boston’s best pizzas. The tour ends next to the Tony DeMarco statue, where you will vote on your favorite sight. Does this not sound like Halloween heaven? To learn more, visit their website.

On the Boo!

Boston by Foot has been one of Boston’s most popular annual events for 30 years. Taking place on October 31st, this 90-minute walking tour will lead you through Beacon’s Hill, a quaint residential neighborhood with a dark and haunting past. Beacon Hill is known for its elaborate decorations and flood of costumed individuals and groups trick-or-treating, something you must experience at least once as a college Bostonian. You will learn about Boston’s witches, the hanging of Quakers, and even the dismembering of Dr. George Parkman’s body. You may have walked through Beacon Hill at least once when taking a stroll with friends or looking for a nice restaurant to indulge in. Did you ever think you would get the chance to know the gruesome beginnings that led to the very beautiful streets you walk through almost aimlessly? Well, check out this event and you will.

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