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There's an App for That

by Jazzy Gray

Photo courtesy of Amanda Willis

We live in an increasingly mobile world where phones, tablets and laptops have become central to our livelihood.

In fact, according to data collected by the Pew Research Center, more than eight out of every 10 Americans currently own a smartphone.

Developers have noticed this trend as well; currently, there are approximately 2 million smartphone applications available.

Many of these are designed to make your life—as a student, human and young adult—easier. So, if you are looking for love, discounts or even just some directions, we’ve got an app for you. Here are 10 apps recommended for students, by students.


If you don’t personally have it, chances are you know someone who does.

“It’s very easy,” said Mia Diep (CAS ’23), “I don’t have to carry cash around.”

Safe and easy, Venmo has you—and your wallet—covered.

Food for All

Inexpensive food at some of your favorite restaurants? Yes, please. This app allows you to order surplus meals from certain restaurants at a discounted rate. The food doesn’t go to waste. Your wallet doesn’t cry. The environment doesn’t die (more). Essentially, it’s a win-win-win.


Navigating Boston can be tricky at best, a nightmare at worst. CityMapper makes it deceivingly simple—and fun! Just enter your destination and learn how to get there by bike, Uber, T or boat. You’ll never be lost again.


Okay, ladies, let’s take Beyoncé’s advice and get information with Flo. A period tracking device on the surface, student Ezgi Eygior (CAS ’21) loves Flo for being “so much more than that.” In addition to tracking the menstrual cycle, Flo is designed to keep women healthy by tracking mood changes, exercise habits and health habits.

“It’s overall very useful since it takes out one stress aspect from my life and keeps me organized as well as supported,” said Eygior.


Known for being a dating app, Bumble is so much more than that; although, they do that too. Need a friend? Try Bumble BFF. Need an internship? Look at Bumble Bizz. Need some advice? Read the Bumble Buzz. Bumble is buzzing with different opportunities for college students.


BU’s diversity has grown each year. According to Boston University’s Office of the President, international students make up approximately 28% of the BU student body in 2019.

WhatsApp connects you with your best friends over break without running up the phone bill. You’re welcome in advance.


Spotify offers a unique discount for students. With your BU ID (or any valid college ID, for that matter) you can enjoy Spotify Premium, Hulu and Showtime for half the regular Spotify price. That is a deal.

Tik Tok

Lulu Jiang (CAS ’23) finds it relaxing: “Some of the videos are really funny. I don’t like all of the content, but some of it is just really fun to watch.”

Pocket Points

An app that encourages you to get off your phone and earn points that can be traded for discounts at select businesses later, Pocket Points is designed for the common-era college student.


Midterm season might be coming to an end, but finals are right around the corner. Get a jumpstart on the study season with Quizlet. It’s easy and mobile. With Quizlet, you can study other flashcard sets or create your own, test your knowledge with multiple choice quizzes or matching sets, create a consistent study plan or just pull it out when you have some time commuting on the T. You’ve got options.

Happy downloading!

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