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The Jonas Brothers at TD Garden

text and photo by Ananya Panchal

When the Jonas Brothers performed at TD garden in 2013, the crowd consisted primarily of pre-teens with colored hair and tie-dyed T-shirts, accompanied by parents who couldn’t be bothered to learn the brothers’ names. On Nov. 24, however, the crowd was much older and returned to see their favorite boy-band back together, once again.

The Jonas Brothers returned to TD Garden Saturday night for their second Boston performance on the 92-stop “Happiness Begins” tour.

The stage was dark. The crowd was alive and screaming.

“Nights, flying down the 10, nearly 2 a.m.”

Nick, Joe and Kevin slowly descended onto the stage.

“Happiness begins.”

The nine-year-old in me was crying. Actually, my 19-year-old self was also crying.

The show opened with the upbeat and funky “Rollercoaster” and sped right into rock classic “S.O.S” which brought back ALL the memes.

Boston’s gloomy late-November rainy weather didn’t seem to affect the mostly female crowd, who screamed at the top of their lungs and maintained a standing ovation for the entirety of the 2-hour set.

The Jonas Brothers played several hits from their recent “Happiness Begins” album including “Cool,” “I Believe” and “Strangers.”

“Only Human,” one of their more popular new songs, was streamed live to the American Music Awards happening that very night. The crowd was so loud it seemed as if they wanted to be heard all the way at the event in Los Angeles.

The brothers then walked to the middle of the arena on a smaller, circular platform and played a mashup of old hits as a tribute and a thank you to the fans who have “been there since day one.”

They began with their first single ever, “Mandy” released in 2006, and jumped into “Fly with Me,” “Hold On,” “Paranoid” and crowd favorite “Gotta Find You” from the Disney Channel Original Movie “Camp Rock.”

The brothers paused their set for a couple minutes to take a drink together (in their merchandise shot glasses–which I also purchased), reminding everyone that they are no longer the teenagers with occasional voice-cracks and are now, in fact, all adults with wives! What a concept! The Jonas Brothers are married!

They headed back to the main stage for some wholesome piano ballads. Listening to “Comeback,” “When you look me in the eyes,” and “Lovebug” live is the only time voluntarily I’ll allow boys to make me cry; and, oh yes, did they.

The show ended with fireworks and a hand-clapping hip-shaking back to back to back “Play My Music,” “Burnin Up,” “Year 3000” and a finale of pop-anthem “Sucker,” the first single they released back in March of this year, when the brothers officially announced their comeback.

Although buying these concert tickets may have broken my bank account, it truly was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Who knows when the Jonas Brothers are going to tour again?

My seats were perfect, the crowd was amazing and the set list was everything I could have asked for, and more. Nick, Joe and Kevin, thank you for reuniting and giving the third grade me, who used to blast your music while getting ready every morning, the performance she deserved.

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