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Airport Accessories

by Jackie Shannon

photo by Geena Grant

Spruce up your travel uniform with luggage and accessories that will make traveling from Point A to Point B easier and more fashionable! With the holiday season around the corner, these pieces also make for great gifts for your jet-setting loved ones.

The Basics

The best way to easily upgrade your luggage is with a bright luggage tag. Not only will this ensure that your suitcase will make it back into your hands if it is lost, but it also makes it stand out at baggage claim. You will no longer have to watch the seemingly endless amount of black suitcases go around the carousel. Check out for bright options and J.Crew for a sleeker, more sophisticated look. You should also snatch up a matching passport holder—this way, you can easily notice and grab your passport without holding up the rest of the security line. Many passport holders come with additional pockets to hold other travel documents.


Packing cubes will help you eliminate the moment in packing that involves you sitting on top of your suitcase trying to zip it up. Amazon has a wide selection of packing cubes that come in a variety of sizes, colors, and price points. Other companies––such as Mark & Graham––will allow you to monogram and customize your packing cubes. You can organize your packing cubes by clothing type, or you can put a different outfit for each day in its own cube. As an added benefit, they are perfect for separating your laundry once you reach your destination.

Stoney Clover Lane sells cheerful bags, pouches and accessories that will make your travel day easier. You can customize your pouches online. Buyers can choose from a variety of glittery patches with letters to spell out their name, or they can put one of the company’s trendy patches onto the bag. Bathing suit? Sunscreen? Makeup? Pencils? Phone chargers? There are patches with a graphic design for whatever you might want to put in your bag! Not only will these accessories help to ensure that you did not forget to pack anything, this will make reaching into your carry-on in the middle of your flight much easier.


Matching luggage will help you look much more put together when you are running to your gate before it closes. MZ Wallace is a New York City based brand that has quilted totes, duffels and backpacks. The company’s signature look is simple, yet it comes in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can still express yourself and suit your needs. All of the products have multiple compartments and zippers to keep you organized. The duffel bags come with a luggage sleeve that will zip onto the top of your suitcase. This way, you can glide through the airport without handling a bunch of bags.

The holidays can be a stressful time for travel, but they can also be extremely fun! By organizing yourself (and looking good while doing it), you can relieve nearly all of your worries.

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