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Spring Break: Time for a Getaway

by Roma Patel

photo by Carina Lee

Ah, the joy that is spring break. Whether you’re jetting off to Paris, heading to Mexico, or staying in the city, taking advantage of spring break is the best opportunity for trying something new.

While jet-setting is a fun activity, it’s not feasible for every student. Luckily, Boston and the surrounding area has a host of great activities! Every year, students find new activities to try around Boston. In the spring and summer time, students often rent sailboats or kayaks and explore the Charles River. When fall rolls around, visiting a farm to go apple picking, joining in on a hayride, and eating apple cider donuts is a wonderful way to get out of busy Boston. During the winter, ice skating by TimeOut Market or the Frog Pond is a great way to get in the holiday spirit.

“I grew up outside of Boston,” said Olivia Rolnik (CAS ’20). “I’m always amazed by how much the city has to offer. I feel like I’m constantly discovering a new restaurant, activity, or cool place to go.”

For a more affordable option, spend time in Boston and get to know new parts of the city and new suburbs. Take a train and head to the North Shore or the South Shore, or rent a ZipCar and drive to Western Massachusetts; the state has a lot to offer. In the spring, a day break can be a great way to explore.

In the past, some students have driven out to the Berkshires, enjoying hiking and being in nature. Others have gone to the North Shore to explore Newburyport or Salem, spending a day roaming around the cute New England towns. Wherever you go in Massachusetts, you can find something to do!

“Every part of Massachusetts has something different to explore,” said Hernisha Radia (CAS ’20). “There are so many national parks, amazing restaurants, and quaint towns — no matter what you’re into, you can find a place that can make an ideal destination.”

For those seeking to get of of the city for spring break, check out the Alternative Service Break (ASB) program through BU’s Community Service Center. ASB is a program in which a group of students visit a specific part of the United States in order to engage in project-oriented community service.

This semester, a number of programs are being offered, including trips to California, Puerto Rico, and Virginia. Trips are $100-$500 (although the trip to Puerto Rico is a bit more expensive) and are approximately one week in length. Whether you choose to go with friends or go alone, ASB can be a wonderful way to get to know a different part of the US, contribute in a meaningful way, and make lasting friendships.

“I’ve always wanted to do ASB,” said Matthew Knowles (COM ’20). “It seems like a really affordable way to do something exciting over spring break.”

For those looking to get away from school, go abroad for the break! Currently, flights to Europe and South America are inexpensive, and if you recruit a number of friends, an international trip could be totally feasible.

“My friends and I are going to London for spring break,” said Olivia Rolnik (CAS ’20). “Because we’re buying tickets and booking a hotel to split right now, it’s completely affordable and worth it. We’re all so excited!”

Some people try and get away from the cold by traveling south to Mexico or Miami. Often times, traveling to smaller airports and then renting a car can make for a great deal and a fun adventure.

“Spending time relaxing by the pool or the beach can be a necessary and relaxing break from school,” said Hernisha Radia (CAS ’20). “It will definitely make for a great vacation.”

Finding things to do over spring break can be daunting because of crazy prices and only a week in which to travel, but start looking early and you surely will be able to find something exciting to do!

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