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3 Ways to Avoid the Famous Freshman 15

By: Sophia Pasquale

The “Freshman 15” is a notorious problem for many students all over the country and world. While in some cases it may be inevitable because the transition to college offers many lifestyle changes and it takes time to settle, there are still a few ways to help yourself feel more comfortable in your own skin.


College is a place to enjoy yourself and the environment you are living in. It is important to find a balance between indulging in meals out and making healthy eating decisions. My advice is to use the dining hall as a place where you make healthier decisions, and when you choose to treat yourself to a meal out—alone or with friends—be less rigid or focused on health. Listen to what your body wants; it's normal to indulge, but just try not to overdo it and work on a balance that fits your lifestyle. College is a great place to experience new environments, try new things, and to find independence in food balance.

Make it Social

It can be challenging to find ways to make time for everything in college, and typically exercise can be one of the last things that is prioritized. However, you can make working out a social outing; invite your friends to workout class or to go to the gym with you. Including friends in your exercise helps you to kill two birds with one stone, and it can promote a healthier and more productive schedule.

Find Your Schedule

Develop a schedule that works for you and try to stick with it. For example, maybe try to stick to working out, let’s say, five times a week or try to walk a set amount of steps each day. It’s also important to find a food schedule that works for you; establish a set number of times to eat out a week or how many meals you want to focus on making healthy decisions. It’s also important to acknowledge that it’s college and you won’t always be able to stick to a rigid schedule, though establishing specific intentions for how you want to plan your week can be very beneficial.

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