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A Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day

by Rachel Dirksen

If a romantic Valentine's Day isn't your thing, celebrating with your friends may be the perfect way to spend the holiday.

This is our guide to the ultimate "Galentine's Day" with your single friends.

A Night In

A trip to Trader Joe's is a guaranteed step towards a perfect Galentine's Day. We recommend grabbing a few snacks and ingredients for a charcuterie board. Trader Joe's also has affordable face/hair masks that can add some much-deserved self-care into the mix.

Light candles, watch a rom-com, and paint your nails! These and other classic girls' night activities just add to the fun. Make it your night!

A Night Out

If going out is more your style, there is nothing better than dressing up for dinner with your girlfriends. Make formal plans to add a sense of luxury to your night, proving candle-lit dinners are not just for couples.

We recommend making a reservation at Coquette, Yvonne's, Lolita, Mariel, or Deuxave for the occasion. This is a night of celebrating relationships, whether they are platonic or romantic.

Grabbing a dessert at Bar 'Cino near the BU campus or taking a walk through the streets of Boston is another great option.

Wear red, pink, or anything that makes you feel extra confident. If you have a dress or a pair of heels in your closet that you're saving for a special occasion, this is the time to bring them out!

Newbury street is a shopping haven and can serve as the perfect inspiration for a Galentine's outfit.


For those feeling down about not being in a relationship on Valentine's Day, write down a list of non-negotiables you are looking for in a future partner to spark some hope.

We recommend writing down traits you value in the people around you and eventually getting into characteristics specifically for romantic partners. Some examples of non-negotiables could be someone who is determined and values their mental and physical health.

This written list can be used as an act of manifestation or merely as a reminder of the things you deserve in your next romantic partner. Putting our wants in writing can be a direct way to attract what we most desire in life.

Lastly, remember that no romantic company is better than someone draining you of your precious energy. Happy Galentine's Day, everyone!

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