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A Foodie's Guide: Beyond the Horizons of Boston

Exploring Establishments Outside the City

By Amanda Healy

Graphic by Lila Berger

Boston is notoriously known for its spectacular food, with a variety of locations that provide diverse options. When thinking about Boston's food scene, many think of the popular areas: Seaport, the North End, and Chinatown. While these areas do contain mouth-watering dishes, there are areas outside the city center that offer delicious cuisine that deserves just as much recognition. Whether you live in a popular city or are traveling to one, it is always important to look beyond the horizons and try something that is not as mainstream.

They always say breakfast is the most important meal of the day; the perfect place to indulge in a hearty meal is at the 50's Diner in Dedham, Massachusetts. It takes about 35 minutes by car to get to this restaurant from the city, but it is well worth the trip. The atmosphere is fantastic, truly feeling like a vintage diner, with round chairs at the counter and rustic booths. The iconic 50's special platter comes with two eggs, a choice of two types of meat, pancakes or french toast, and a coffee or tea. For all of the chocolate lovers, the hot cocoa is a must. Breakfast lovers will fangirl over the pancakes that are as fluffy as clouds. If you ever want to have a true diner experience, the 50's Diner is a must!

Boston is known for having fantastic bakery items, and B&C Baking Company in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, only exceeds that standard. Getting fresh, hot bread on a Sunday morning is a classic staple for many northern families, dating back generations. So, if your family loves warm pastries, this is the place to go! Their scali and French breads are phenomenal. Their lemon raspberry danish and mini cannolis are also a must try for any sweet tooth.

One last establishment that is worth going out of your way to visit is Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale, Massachusetts. The neon lighting of the awning entices customers to come into their authentic establishment, which has been open since 1937. Their recipes have been passed down for generations, and you can taste the love and perfection within their pizza. Consisting of the perfect amount of crispy and doughy, this is one of the best spots in Massachusetts. Their onion rings are also to die for!

The 50s Diner, B&C Baking Company, and Pleasant Cafe are only a few establishments outside the city of Boston that should not be missed. Any time you feel like trying something new, do not hesitate to explore past the city's limits!


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