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How to Accessorize on a Budget

By Cassie McKiernan

Are you wondering how to spice up your Monday morning groutfit? Do you want to be on top of the trends, still on a budget? Are you looking for a fun activity with your friends on a rainy day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, look no further—start beading!

Beads are back and better than ever. Bracelets, necklaces, funky shoelaces, and more—you can accessorize your look in a snap!

To start beading, you will need…

  1. Some funky beads! These can be bought at a craft store in bulk or individually, or you can repurpose some of your favorite old jewels. Maybe grab some letters and put messages in your accessories.

  2. String—elastic, metal, fabric—the choice is yours. Add some color to your backpack, phone case, or keys if the jewelry route is not your taste.

  3. Additional tools for maximum enjoyability and ease include tape to secure your string to a stationary surface on one end, and scissors to cut your creation to an appropriate length.

Once you have these materials, let your creative juices flow! Will you be bold in bright color, muted in pastels, or earthy in neutrals?

Start practicing and get in the groove! Soon your friends will want to be decked out in these one-of-a-kind gems, too. Maybe you will make matching friendship bracelets for Friendsgiving or an “I <3 Mom” keychain for the holidays. What better way to tap into your childhood summer camp days?


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