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What is “love?” Love is a feeling, an emotion and a celebration of every day. Love transcends boundaries and identities, love has the power to break through societal norms and bring people together. It’s a feeling that can be experienced by all. Even though love should be celebrated every day, Valentine’s Day is extra special for lovers. Here’s a guide to how you can make your loved one feel special on Valentine’s Day in Boston (without needing to take a typical V-Day weekend getaway.)

Valentine’s Cruise on the Boston Harbor

Enjoy Boston’s spectacular views while cruising on a boat on the water. Sip some champagne (if you’re 21-years-old or over), slow dance to live jazz music, and truly feel the romance of the evening. This is a great way to show your loved one how much you appreciate them and how thankful you are for their company.

Dinner in the North End

Treat your date to dinner in Boston’s North End neighborhood, also known as Little Italy. This is the perfect area to walk around, stroll through the quaint streets, and enjoy a romantic candle-lit dinner. Some of my favorite restaurants in the North End are: Trattoria Il Panino, Strega North End and Mamma Maria.

Picnic by the Charles River

Hit the grocery store, fill up your picnic basket with some champagne and strawberries, and place your picnic mat by the water. Cuddle up with your date and set the tone with some romantic background music. Bond over a great meal and pour your heart out to that special person!

A Day at the Museum of Fine Arts

How about a cultural and educational—yet also romantic—day at the MFA with your date? If arts or history are up your alley, then this is the perfect Valentine’s destination for you. Enjoy the lovely art exhibits as you browse through the different sections of the museum. Share your thoughts with your partner and enjoy each other’s company. You can always grab a bite at the café too!

Plan a Road Trip

If you and your partner are spontaneous adventure junkies, then why not take a road trip? Massachusetts is home to some of the most beautiful towns that are not far from Boston. Go down south to Cape Cod for the night, grab some blankets, and build a fire on the beach. Snuggle up with your partner, stargaze, and allow the ocean to work its magic. If the beach isn’t for you, make the most of the winter and head up north for a little ski trip with your date. It’s also a great way to spend some time alone, but still remain active together.

If you take this advice, you are guaranteed to have a very special day with your loved one. With a variety of options, there is something for every couple in Boston. It’s important to show your partner or friend how much you truly love, appreciate and cherish them. What better way to do that than plan a special date for just the two of you?

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