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Athleisure Anytime

How athleisure is crossing fashion boundaries and becoming one of the most versatile clothing styles.

By Caroline Kawabe

Athleisure. Athletic and leisure wear. The versatility is in the name itself.

You have probably seen almost everyone nowadays wearing some sort of athleisure in their everyday outfits — even if you don’t know it. We all know athleisure wear is a traditional go-to for a quick errand run or movie night in. However, this style of clothing is now expanding past workout and loungewear.

Fashionistas everywhere have learned how to incorporate athleisure into outfits for almost any event. Start with basic biker shorts and a tank top, and there are endless possibilities. Dress it up with a button up, a cute clutch, and some gold-rimmed sunglasses for brunch. Throw a jean jacket and some converse over it to wear to class. You can even add some funk with some boots, a leather jacket, and a sleek ponytail for a night out.

Not only is the trend being integrated into going-out outfits, but it has infiltrated the business world as well. Athleisure wear is now being paired with everything from slacks to blazers to a modest stiletto to wear to the workplace. Who said comfortable needed to mean casual?

Athleisure wear provides a great mix of freedom and convenience. The style can be somewhat basic on its own, but when styled with accessories, jackets, and cute kicks, it can become a fit for almost any occasion. Quick changes for back to back events on ultra busy days are challenging, so dressed up athleisure wear is the perfect solution. You can throw on a button up and put an extra jacket in your backpack and have three different outfits for the day — requiring exactly zero awkward quick changes.

Buckle up ladies and gentlemen — the rise of comfort and class is coming, and I am here for it!

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