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The Best Bubble Tea Shops to Try near Campus

By Mia Parker

Boba, popularly known as bubble tea, is a Tawainese drink that usually consists of milk or water-based tea with chewy tapioca balls. However, the term “boba” also encompasses a wide variety of drinks that can be paired with a wide variety of toppings. Over and above the typical milk or fruit teas, this also includes slushes, coffee drinks, or fruit juice. Not a fan of tapioca balls? That’s totally fine— most boba shops also offer various jellies, puddings, or even sea cream as toppings!

For many people, boba is their drink of choice –– a sweet, refreshing treat that not only hydrates but also satisfies sweet, gluttonous cravings at the same time. If you’re a boba fanatic looking for a new place to get your fix, or you want to try the drink out for the first time, here are some of the best boba spots near BU for you to check out.

Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar is a boba shop with locations across the globe, including two in Boston. Their newest location recently opened in Allston on Harvard Avenue. The shop is famously known for its brown sugar milk tea, which features “tiger stripes” of brown sugar that run down the sides of the drink. This may seem hyped, but most boba-lovers did not go home disappointed!

Kung Fu Tea

Another well-known boba shop, Kung Fu Tea, can be found all across Boston. Their closest location to BU sits just on the outskirts of campus inside the Hong Kong Supermarket in Allston. Kung Fu Tea’s menu features a diverse range of drinks and toppings, including fruity and sweet flavors. You can also customize the sugar and ice levels of your drink. Not only is this popular chain ideal for a fun pick-me-up in between classes, but it turns out they have great deals through their app too.

Shinmio Tea

This boba shop is located in South Campus near Cafe Landwer and Sol Azteca. According to their website, the shop provides a “creative tea drinking experience,” with menu items like osmanthus oolong milk tea, a grape “smootea” with cheese foam, and grapefruit tea.

The shop itself is very aesthetically pleasing with sleek white and blue decor. The drinks are served in thick, plastic cups that make for a higher-quality drinking experience. Not to mention, the neon sign of the Shinmio Tea logo makes for cute Instagram pictures!

So, if you’re a boba-lover like I am, you have got to try these when you’re around campus.

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