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The pros and cons of traveling to each northeastern city

By Olivia Chamberlain

There are many major cities within the United States with unique aesthetics, but northeastern cities have a special place in my heart. Whether it be for a day or a long weekend, Boston and New York City are two of the most popular vacation spots for locals and tourists alike. Below, I’ve listed a series of pros and cons if you can’t pick which city to visit!

First off, transportation is quite possibly the most important aspect a prospective tourist needs to know before they arrive in NYC or Boston. In Boston, the MBTA is the oldest rail line running today. Pros include how easy it is to navigate, as well as the cleanliness of the cars themselves. However, because the T is so old, it sometimes has inaccurate arrival times and delays.

For NYC, the subway is notoriously reliable and notably faster than the T; however, navigating the system as a tourist can be very confusing with the sheer number of boroughs and lines. Regardless, public transportation is always super helpful when you’re visiting any metropolitan city, and much more affordable compared to increasing Uber and Lyft prices – but, you can always grab a cab in NYC too!

Whenever you visit a new city, it’s almost mandatory that you visit the attractions the city is most known for. In my opinion, when it comes to historical tours and attractions, Boston takes the cake. Boston’s Freedom Trail takes you through a whopping 16 attractions along a two-and-a-half-mile long trail, also allowing you to explore the surrounding areas.

On the flip side, NYC has amazing attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Times Square. However, a major con is just how crowded these attractions can get. Tourists in NYC are easy to spot, and can easily be taken advantage of with increased prices and scammers, especially the closer you get to these attractions.

My favorite part of visiting new cities is eating my way through them. Thankfully, both Boston and NYC have many different cuisines to choose from. Boston is most known for Italian, and surprisingly, their Thai selection. But, the one con I can think of is the expense.

Food will always be more expensive in the renovated parts of downtown Boston, but there are always affordable hidden gems. NYC is notorious for their 99-cent pizza slices and wide selection of restaurants. There are many affordable and delicious options in both Boston and NYC, so I can safely say that neither of these cities fail in the food section.

When it comes to nightlife, I think we all can come to the conclusion that NYC takes the cake. The city that never sleeps always has something fun for everyone, however, if you’re a light sleeper, you may want to have your place of rest a bit further from all the action. Boston, on the other hand, shuts down much earlier than NYC does; they are, on the other hand, well known for their bars and pubs, as well as nightclubs scattered throughout the city.

From attractions to trying new restaurants, both Boston and NYC offer very different, yet enjoyable getaways. While both have their pros and their cons, it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with either destination.

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