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An In-Depth and Comprehensive Review of the BU Dining Halls

By Mia Parker

Navigating the dining hall is a quintessential part of the college experience. Some colleges are known for how tasty their dining hall food is, while other schools’ dining halls are often avoided at all costs.

Boston University boasts four dining halls: The Fresh Food Co. at West Campus, the Fresh Food Co. at Warren Towers, The Fresh Food Co. at Marciano Commons, and Fresh Fuel at Granby Commons.

So, if you’re looking for a new place to grab dinner, here is your in-depth guide to all of the dining halls on-campus.

The Fresh Food Co. at West Campus

The West Campus dining hall serves mostly West Campus residents since there aren’t many classes held on this part of campus. Because so many students live in this area, there is a lot of seating available for students, as well as a nice open layout where students can see some of Nickerson Field from their seats.

As for the food, West has the typical stations: a grill, salad bar, sandwich bar, and ice cream machine, among other things. The variety of cultures incorporated into the menu is pretty standard, usually featuring various Italian, Asian, and American-style dishes.

The Fresh Food Co. at Warren Towers

The Warren Towers dining hall is centrally located, meaning that many students stop by this dining hall throughout the day. It’s especially convenient for Warren Towers residents, who will never have to bear the cold whenever they want a meal.

While there is less seating area in comparison to the West Campus dining hall, this dining hall boasts one big advantage: the wok station, which often features make-your-own stir fry, nachos, quesadillas, and more.

However, the layout is a bit funky––when you want to put your dishes away, you must walk in the opposite direction of the dining hall’s exit, which can prove annoying during peak eating hours.

The Fresh Food Co. at Marciano Commons

Ah, Marciano––many have applauded this dining hall for having the best options and the best-tasting food. As the newest dining hall on campus, Marciano Commons definitely has its advantages.

With two floors, this dining hall is massive, with more of an open feel. It’s also the only dining hall with a bathroom inside, which is convenient if you plan on sitting inside for a long time to study or hang out with friends.

Fresh Fuel at Granby Commons

Granby is arguably the most underrated dining hall on campus. With Kosher and vegan options, this dining hall is a great option for those with dietary restrictions. I’ve found that the food is a bit fresher, with a larger variety of options on their menu.

The place itself is a bit small, but its location on Bay State Road is optimal for anyone living in East Campus or those who are in the area during the day.


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