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Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected so many of us, BU has been very transparent and is thriving with the implementation of regular Covid-testing, decreased capacity in buildings, and daily symptom-screening surveys. If you told me a year ago that circling a cotton swab in my nose twice a week was in my future, I’d call you crazy. However, for all BU students on-campus today, this is the new normal.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts announced in January that BU was designated as a vaccination distribution center, a message that gave the BU community a glimpse into the light at the end of the tunnel. The university’s goal was to eventually give every member of the BU community who wants to get the vaccine the chance to do so. Considering that the BU community is made up of about roughly 45,000 people, it was estimated to be a lengthy process that may stretch into the summer.

Flash-forward a little over a month later, and the state of Massachusetts has decided to prioritize mass vaccination centers; as a result, the state has halted vaccine distribution to all higher education institutions, including BU. In other words, if someone has already received their first shot, that person will still be eligible to receive the second dose from BU. For everyone else who has not gotten the chance to receive either vaccine, the program is suspended until further notice. In an email sent to the BU community, BU Healthway wrote:

“We had put our vaccination program in place with the aim of immunizing as many BU community members as possible…With the state’s decision, however, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to reach that goal anytime soon.”

While this news comes as a disappointment, there is always the chance that the state of Massachusetts will revise their vaccine distribution plan, especially with the newly approved Johnson & Johnson vaccine being administered.

BU has been consistent with keeping the community updated with Covid-19 news on vaccine distribution and/or Covid-19 regulations around campus. For now, BU recommends that those eligible for the vaccine go to one of the state’s mass vaccination sites, such as Fenway Park, and reach out to campus resources with any concerns.

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