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The Top Five Most Beautiful Places to Visit Post-COVID

by Amille Bottom

Crystal azure waters, white sand beaches, emerald forests and stunning mountain views are a simple dream for most in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the responsible, safe and rewarding action to take at the moment is no action at all (by which I mean staying home in your pajamas), the itch to travel grows stronger with every day of self-quarantine.

All non-essential travel is not possible right now, but that does not mean that you can’t start dreaming of your next vacation! What better way to pass the coronavirus times than by curling up on the couch and planning a fun trip for when the craziness is over? Allow the following ideas to inspire you and your next vacay.

Strasbourg, France

This quaint French city is one of the most idyllic spots in Europe. Famous for the Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg, the city boasts stunning views of gothic architecture while simultaneously cultivating a fairytale atmosphere (did someone say Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast?”). Be sure to visit Strasbourg at Christmas time, as it is one of Europe’s Christmas capitals! Shop in the outdoor markets, eat delicious French pastries and embrace the magic.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Zambia

The largest waterfall in the world, according to the Victoria Falls website, this location is absolutely breathtaking. Visitors can see the falls from both Zimbabwe and Zambia, making it a must-see for those that want to travel through Africa. It’s the perfect spot for sightseeing as well as learning a bit of history. According to the Victoria Falls website, Scottish missionary and explorer David Livingstone named the wonder after Queen Victoria. You can still see a statue of Livingstone there today.

St. Andrews, Scotland

Golfers, “Harry Potter” fans and those that simply love a touch of whimsy will love this town in Scotland. Affectionately dubbed "The Home of Golf,"the golf courses in St. Andrews are known to be some of the oldest in the world. Visiting players could encounter any number of golfing pros wandering the streets, while those not interested in the sport can mingle with University of St. Andrews students. Don’t be surprised if you think the students look like they are at Hogwarts as it’s a popular tradition at the university to wear robes on certain days.

Fans of the royal family will be touched by the whimsy of the town and can spend the day imagining which spots were special to Prince Andrew and the Duchess of Cambridge, Katherine—they met and fell in love in this town.

Telluride, Colorado

For those looking for something a bit closer to home, look no farther than Telluride, Colorado. Repeatedly voted the best ski resort in the United States by Conde Nast Traveler, Telluride is the perfect spot for beginner and advanced skiers alike. It’s an absolutely picturesque mountain, with a large number of ski runs available and dozens of restaurants in both the quaint Mountain Village and the actual town of Telluride. The mountains are gorgeous in both the winter (hello, perfect powder!) and the summer, when mountain biking prevails.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

After visiting Telluride, head south to Santa Fe, New Mexico. This destination is perfect for artists, musicians and foodies. Santa Fe is known for the impressive art galleries that line Canyon Road as well as for its vast array of unique furniture and clothing stores. For those that love the cozy city feel, staying in town itself provides a sense of metropolitan security. However, if you want stunning sunset desert views, head to one of the many resorts outside of the city and soak up the sun. You can always take a day trip!

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