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Bloc 11: Your New Caffeine Destination

by Lily O’Brien

There is no shortage of cafes in Boston. It seems as though on every corner there is somewhere you can go if you need to get your caffeine fix. Whether you need a pick me up while you’re studying for finals or want to go on a socially distanced coffee date with a friend, Bloc 11 is the perfect place if Dunkin’ is getting a little old for you.

With two locations, one in Union Square and another on 11 Bow St., Bloc 11 is a locally owned cafe with the most unique design. Originally a bank, the owners were immediately intrigued by the 11 Bow St. location. As soon as they saw the vacant bank, they knew it would be worth turning it into their second location.

“11 is also Jennifer’s favorite number and we could not help but see these facts as signs—signs that we had found our new home,” said owner Tucker Lewis on their decision to open their second location.

What makes this space even more special is the fact that both owners have lived their entire lives in Boston; in fact, neither owner has ever lived more than 2 miles away from their cafe locations. This close connection to the city of Boston has been something they have tried to incorporate into Bloc 11.

“The diver­sity in peo­ple, cul­tures, inter­ests and aes­thet­ics all com­pelled us to Union,” said the owners. “Aptly named, as this neigh­bor­hood does feel like a union of all things that we like.”

Tucker and Jennifer, owners of Bloc 11, are one of the reasons this spot is so interesting. Even though both owners stand at 4 feet and 11 inches, Tucker and Jennifer are polar opposites. However, they credit their success to their different personalities, saying that’s why they work so well together.

As the weather starts cooling off, it may start to seem as though there are not as many activities to do that are still socially distanced—but let's be honest, staying in your apartment all day on Zoom classes can lead to some serious pandemic fatigue.

With the colder weather soon approaching, Bloc 11 is the perfect place to go to if you need to study for exams or simply get out of your dorm/apartment for a while. With drinks like “The Dose,” a caramel and chocolate latte, and Brazilian Limeade, Bloc 11 offers a creative and comforting space that’s perfect for any caffeine addict.


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