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A joyous, exciting performance for a sold-out crowd at Roadrunner Boston

By Sam Thomas

It’s not every day you attend a concert narrated by a giant animated moon — Carly Rae Jepsen made it happen.

“I offer you a safe place to feel whatever it is you need to feel,” the moon said after the lights dimmed to start the show.

These words were met with massive cheers from every corner of Roadrunner Boston. Jepsen sold out the venue, which held 3,500 attendees. Large, fluffy, illuminated clouds decorated the stage, giving the show a whimsical, fun appearance, fitting nicely with Jepsen’s pop catalog.

Jepsen opened with a lively performance of “This Love Isn’t Crazy,” a track from her 2020 album, “Dedicated Side B.” Through her dancing and moving around the stage, Jepsen’s voice never faltered in sounding just like the studio recordings, an impressive feat.

“This Love Isn’t Crazy” seemed to be a fan favorite, with the entire crowd screaming and dancing to the upbeat, dance-pop track. Even more exciting, confetti cannons covered the crowd within minutes. It was a shock, as confetti usually marks the end of a set, but Jepsen came in with a definite bang.

The excitement and joy of the opening song carried through her entire set, filling the space with joy and fun.

One of my favorite Jepsen songs, “Run Away With Me,” started with a saxophone solo that got the whole crowd cheering. Jepsen pointed the microphone towards the crowd at different times in the song, letting the unified voice of the fans sing the chorus. It was truly a moment of glee for everyone, with Jepsen beaming the entire time.

Jepsen also played “Talking to Yourself,” the newest single from her upcoming album “The Loneliest Time,” set to be released in October. Despite being released just 10 days before the concert, fans screamed back every lyric. I had only heard parts of the song prior, but seeing “Talking to Yourself” live made me a huge fan.

In my unquestionably favorite moment of the night, Jepsen began her song, “Emotion,” the title track and fan favorite from her 2015 album. It was a high energy, massively fun moment. However, as she reached the final chorus, she stopped halfway through.

The floral visuals on the circular screen behind her started to blur, blending together until the screen filled with a light blue color. Then suddenly, the band and Jepsen sprang back into song, this time singing the chorus of “Favourite Colour,” another of my favorites from “Emotion.” The moment the music came back, another set of confetti cannons shot, making the moment one of stunning beauty and excitement.

After her set, Jepsen played a three-song encore from her album “Emotion” and EP “EMOTION SIDE B,” with fans dancing and singing until the very last second, when the third and final confetti launch rained on the joyous crowd.

Usually, a concert has a rollercoaster of energy and emotion, but Jepsen skillfully and uniquely kept every song at the maximum. Each song felt like a celebration and finale, leaving me wondering how she’ll top the last one, yet always knowing she would find a way.


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