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CDS: It’s What’s On the Inside That Counts

By Bella Chiarieri

Photo by Katey Cooney

The Center for Computing and Data Sciences. The Jenga building. “That thing ruining the Boston skyline.” Whatever you want to call it, the newest building on Boston University’s campus is here to stay.

Although many on-campus residents and Bostonians alike have plenty of negative things to say about Comm. Ave’s newest addition, I am here to state my full support for the towering building.

In October when I was still new to Boston and acting as a tourist, my Duck Boat Tour guide pointed out the CDS building from miles away, declaring her distaste for the modern establishment, jutting out above Boston’s classic architecture.

At the time I agreed with her: CDS sticks out like a sore thumb. But now, having two classes in the building, I am beginning to become its biggest supporter.

Mara Mellits (COM ‘26), agrees with my newfound support. “I really like CDS because of the modern look it gives to Comm Ave,” Mellits said. “All the windows provide lots of sunlight that make it beautiful when you’re studying in the building.”

With seating options on all floors, the building is perfect for students to find spacious places to sit and do work, whether they’re alone or with friends. The staircase from the first to second floor is filled with benches and seats to chat with friends or write essays at.

Reagan Murphy (COM ‘26), felt that the building was difficult to get around at the start but now loves “that there are so many places to study and do work.”

CDS also has multiple food options for when you finish a class and you need a little pick-me-up. Saxbys is a great place to enjoy a grilled cheese or breakfast burrito alongside a refreshing iced latte or smoothie. (I would definitely recommend the pickle grilled cheese). Up on the fifth floor, you can enjoy great views and a variety of snack choices from the Terrier Bites Cafe.

“My friends and I absolutely love going to Saxbys to get a grilled cheese and a Boston Cream Cold Brew and doing work on the red stairs,” Murphy said.

In the many study rooms and classrooms throughout the building, students can be creative and collaborate with whiteboard walls, high-tech TVs, and screens.

The large windows and bright, white walls are refreshing and enlightening features of the building’s interior, making it easy to endure long classes or lectures.

On top of its high-class amenities, the CDS building itself is extremely eco-friendly, utilizing no fossil fuels and securing its electricity through a South Dakota wind farm, according to

Through these many environmentally friendly features, the building is now seen as the largest net-zero carbon building in Boston.

While the outside of Boston University’s newest addition may stand out in the Boston skyline, it’s really what’s on the inside that counts.

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