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Chic Meets Comfort

Look and feel your best when traveling.

By Estee Langbord

Photo by Pinterest

No one appreciates the experience of landing, stepping off the plane, and feeling grimy, sleep-deprived, and discombobulated. One of the simplest ways to prevent such feelings is to dress more presentably. Dressing in chic yet comfortable clothing will provide a more satisfying and enjoyable travel experience. In this case, you feel how you look, and you look how you feel; therefore, instead of going for the beat-up sweatpants in your closet, dress to impress!

For flights over six hours, specifically international, athleisure and sweat suits are acceptable, as the combination of minimal leg room and restricting jeans would make for a less than graceful flight experience. When you think of sweatsuits, disregard your overworn, gray pair, and visit stores such as Essentials, Aritzia TNA, and even your local Target to find stylish, colorful, and unique sweat sets.

When thinking about what sweat set to get, push yourself out of your comfort zone, choose a color that stands out, and one that looks good both together as a set and with other pieces of clothing. For shorter domestic flights, find comfort in wearing the sweatshirt component of your matching set and pair it with your favorite, most worn pair of jeans. Don’t forget to wear a tank or tee shirt under your sweater or sweatshirt, as the temperature is unpredictable up in the air.

For those that air on the side of comfort when traveling, toss your worn-out sweats behind, introduce a new, flattering, and tasteful sweat set into your closet, and ensure that you keep your dearest pair of jeans handy for your next shorter travel day!

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