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Club Sports: What’s the Appeal?

Why some BU students join (and love) their club sports teams.

By Ruby Lynch

Photo by Andrew Burke-Stevenson

You may have seen a handful of BU’s 34 club sports teams screaming at Splash, or maybe you’ve seen their red and gray backpacks labeled with “club” embroidery all over Comm Ave. BU has a wide variety of club sports ranging from hockey to cricket to synchronized swimming.

Many of the teams are made up of passionate students who take their frequent practices, tournaments, and games seriously, while forming close bonds with their teammates along the way.

Maybe it’s just my lack of sports-centered school spirit, but before I met people who participated in club sports, I never understood the appeal; it seemed like they required the commitment of D-1 sports, but without the bragging rights that come with it.

That changed this year, when all of a sudden it felt like everyone I knew joined a club sport. Most of my friends joined sports that they played in high school and were nostalgic to add the activity back into their lives.

“Volleyball was a big part of my life back home,” Chloe Van Dongen (Sargent ‘25) said. “I had been missing the competitive and close atmosphere that it brought me, so I decided to try out this year. So far I’ve been loving it.”

Others wanted a new challenge,“I met some of the girls on the synchronized swimming team at Splash,” Margi Lonergan (CAS ‘25) said. “They were so energetic and enthusiastic it made me want to join. It has definitely challenged me, but in the best way.”

Seeing so many of my friends fall in love with their club sports compelled me to support them. I went to games, sponsored their lap-a-thons, and even contemplated spending 50 dollars on cut outs of their faces. I quickly entered soccer mom territory, as it always excites me to hear about their latest practice or away-game.

“The team takes it seriously,” added Thomas Grace (Questrom ’25), who plays for the BU Men’s Club Hockey Team.

“We have playoffs coming up, which we’re hoping to do well in. No matter what though it’s always a blast. I wouldn’t play if it wasn’t.” Grace said.

After witnessing the teams’ comradery and encouragement among the players, I came to understand the unique desire that club sports satisfies in college students’ lives; Maybe we aren’t all able to be D-1 athletes, but the love for a team, a goal, and a sport is recurrent in many and passionately fostered through club sports.


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