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What One of the Only Open Travel Destinations for Tourists Has to Offer (Eventually)

by Erica MacDonald

It goes without saying that travel is not an appropriate pastime right now. We are in the midst of a global pandemic, and the CDC is urging people to not leave their homes, let alone their states or countries. Given the infectiousness of COVID-19, particularly in enclosed and poorly circulated spaces, air travel is not advisable. Even if you could go somewhere, the countries accepting a U.S. passport are few.

So, there is a pretty glaring disclaimer to travel right now.

But, there is one criminally underrated country that never closed its borders to Americans: Croatia. It’s perfect for all of your escapist fantasies! Whilst not endorsing traveling right now, here are all of the reasons Croatia should be your next destination when the world reopens, and you can safely indulge your wanderlust.

  1. Croatia is very tourist friendly, whilst not being overrun by tourists. This EU country doesn’t attract the swarms of people found in hotspots like London, Paris and Rome, but it is well-equipped for travelers. Croatia has a plethora of hostels, hotels and Airbnbs at all price levels—making accommodations simple to find (and, given the gorgeous coastline, they often come with picturesque views).

  2. Weather and water. Situated in the Balkans, Croatia borders the Adriatic Sea. It’s all gorgeous, aqua waters, white sand and warm temperatures. Who wouldn’t want that? And with water comes an arsenal of water activities: snorkeling, boating and (perhaps most unique) diving among shipwrecks!

  3. Dubrovnik. This city alone makes me want to run off to Croatia. If you google Dubrovnik, you’ll be met with Mediterranean AND medieval aesthetics. Fans of “Game of Thrones” might recognize the towering walls that loop the city—a lot of filming took place in Dubrovnik’s fortresses! Even if you’re not a fan of the show, the views, cuisine and charm of Old Town makes Dubrovnik a must-visit destination on every reputable world travel bucket list.

  4. Croatia is home to eight national parks, and these include some of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world. It’s any nature nut’s fantasy. Waterfalls, mountains and lakes—oh my!

  5. Croatia also has 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites (with 10 more up for consideration!). There’s no shortage of places to visit and history to explore (just in case you needed an educational selling point).

  6. Known for its incredible and diverse food, Croatia is a hotspot for foodies, and not every meal will cost a fortune! Between the fresh seafood, renowned wineries and signature truffles (of the mushroom variety), it’s safe to guarantee a rich culinary experience.

Honestly, it would be quite a feat finding a reason to not visit Croatia. I can’t think of one! BRB, saving up and dreaming of post-pandemic flights!

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