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A guide to conscious online shopping, in an era where SHEIN reigns Queen

by Cady Ghandour

“A purchase that’s kinder on you and on the planet,” as Refinery 29 says, is often harder to find than we’d like. It’s easy to turn to retailers like Shein and Zara when you want to freshen up your wardrobe. Keep reading to see some great trendy alternatives to fast fashion.

Pact is a clothing brand that sells soft and ultra-comfortable essentials, with all their products made from organic ethically grown cotton.

Want to stay on trend and not break the bank? ASOS Reclaimed Vintage has emerged with a line of hand-picked vintage clothing from around the world.

If you need new jeans but don’t love that it takes 3800 liters of water just to make a pair of Levi’s jeans? Re/Done is dedicated to upcycling vintage denim to make new items while preserving the piece’s history.

If you’re looking for more character, second-hand shopping on Depop and Poshmark allows you to buy pre-loved items straight from other people’s closets and even sell your own. Thrifting lovers will know that when you buy second-hand, you’re giving new life to something while appreciating its past.

At a higher price point (because of their long-lasting craftsmanship), ABLE offers a wide array of polished and refined items.

Have a special occasion coming up, but don’t want to buy something you’ll only wear once? Try Rent The Runway, where you can rent high-end pieces for a fraction of the price.

If you have a knack for creativity, upcycling clothing only requires a vision and some sewing skills. This can be a great way to revamp or totally transform something you’re not ready to part with.

Whether it's tie-dying an old T-shirt, buying an organic cotton tank top, or thrifting a pre-loved leather jacket, there’s more than one way to stay trendy while being kind to the earth.

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