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Exploring the Museum of Science

My first experience at Boston’s renowned science museum.

By Grace Hawkins

Graphic by Madison Mercado

One of my favorite things about living in Boston is the accessibility ​to​​ ​many​​ incredible institutions right at my fingertips. The sports teams, art museums, and various others make th​e​​ city great for exploring. However, there was a major institution I had yet to explore: the Museum of Science.

While I may have at first only gone for a class assignment, I was pleasantly surprised at the experience.

The museum is easily accessible, ​simply all the way down the Green Line to the Science Park stop. I got to experience the museum in the evening with fewer people, ​which​​ allowed me to get a glimpse of the various exhibits and attractions that the museum offers.

The planetarium had a specific exhibit show held for BU students taking astronomy classes. They had interactive exhibits outside​,​ and some very interesting dioramas to look at while we waited.

After a few minutes, the planetarium show started. I took my seat in the dome-shaped auditorium and waited for the lights to dim. I was entranced by the beautiful sky that was projected onto the ceiling. Then, the lesson began. Someone from the museum took a few moments to explain the sky to us, pointing out the constellations and planets. For someone taking a class currently on this very subject, it was very helpful. Then, we watched a short film that explained the universe even further.

The entire time, I did not feel like I was listening to some boring presentation​,​ but instead taking a deeper look into our universe.

After about an hour and a half, the show was over. Following this, I took a quick look around the parts of the museum that were still open, ​however, as the majority of the exhibits were long closed, there was not much to see. I hope to eventually come back to explore the rest.

While I may not have necessarily picked the Museum of Science to be an essential visit while in Boston, I greatly enjoyed my time there. If you are looking for an interesting and educational day or nighttime activity, I recommend a quick trip down to the Museum of Science.


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