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Finding Home in First-Year Halls: A Sophomore’s Love Letter to Warren Towers

Mason Jablonsky speaks about the perks of being a Resident Assistant in Warren

By Daisy Levine 

A guy smiling in data science building
Photo By Sarah Cruz

Atop a massive residence hall, through the communal bathrooms, past the loads of first-year students, you’ll find Mason Jablonsky, a sophomore at BU who chose Warren Towers.

Jablonsky wanted nothing more than to be a helping hand for students in their first-year transition to college, so he became a Resident Assistant (RA) in the College of Communication’s Living Learning Community (COM LLC). Frequently considered a not-so-coveted position, Jablonsky sought out the role after a rewarding experience with his RA last year.

“I came from Phoenix, and I knew nobody here—I mean nobody,” he said. “I really didn’t know what I was doing.”

Jablonsky said his RA helped him acclimate to his new world at college, and his time in the COM LLC pushed him to make new friends and join extracurriculars that interested him.

“On the COM floor, there are a lot of great, creative, talented people who are so involved and so passionate about what they do,” he said.

The worst that’s ever come about during a shift, he said, was when a birthday party received noise complaints. This scenario, although rarely on his floor, happens often during on-call shifts but allows him to connect with the community in the hall.

“They were super apologetic about it, and they offered me a slice of cake,” he said. “I happily obliged…and I just enjoyed getting to hang out with them for a few minutes.”

The first-year dorms at West Campus, Jablonsky said, never reached the top of his list because he imagined on-call shifts being “a little more hectic” than those in Warren. Blocks away from fraternity houses, he said he knows the noise complaints there could offer a lot worse.

The most noise complaints Jablonsky encounters in Warren, he said, come from a couple of first-year students merely watching “Jimmy Neutron” too loudly on their TV.

“It’s just been great,” he said. “Really getting to see them become so involved—a really wonderful, gratifying experience.”


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