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What to take with you when you’re on the road!

by Caroline Faubert

When it comes to travel, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Exploring new places, meeting new people, and gaining new experiences require a lot of time and energy. Having the right items with you on your trip is an easy way to ensure success when traveling so you can truly relax. Here are five essential items to bring with you the next time you travel.

A camera

When your trip is over, and you want to reflect on the amazing memories you made, you’ll be glad you had a camera with you! Cameras are great when you want to capture the best moments of your trip and could be as simple as utilizing the camera on your phone. If you want to switch it up, bring a film or disposable camera.

A neck pillow

If you’re traveling somewhere long distance, you’ll most likely want to try and catch up on some sleep while sitting for long periods. Having a neck pillow on hand can be the key to being comfortable and recharging.

A portable charger

A portable charger can come in handy much more often than you’d expect. Being out and about all day, it’s easy for your phone’s battery to drain the more you use it. Having a portable charger on hand will save you from having a dead phone and needing access to something important, such as phone numbers, travel documentation, and more.

Comfortable walking shoes

Expecting to get a lot of steps in while on vacation? Make sure to pack some shoes that aren’t going to blister your feet. Walking shoes will provide you with the stamina necessary to be out and about all day without any discomfort. That way, you can truly enjoy yourself!

Disinfecting wipes

No matter where you travel to, you will inevitably encounter a lot of germs. To ensure that you won’t get sick or exposed to an illness, it’s a good idea to carry disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer on you at all times —Especially during COVID!

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