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How BU’s Sororities and Fraternities Are Adjusting During the Pandemic

By Grace Hawkins

Greek life is one of the most popular social scenes on BU’s campus. Sororities and fraternities give students the opportunity to meet new friends, engage in philanthropy, and be a part of a larger community.

However, as with many other activities, it was greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Events were canceled, with many in Greek life unable to connect with each other.

There are ten sororities and nine fraternities at BU, and while there are no sorority or fraternity houses on campus, the community still has a large presence. According to BU's sorority life website, about 15 percent of the student body participates in Greek life.

With mixers, date parties, philanthropy events, and chapter meetings, the Greek community allows more social students to immerse themselves in an environment that fits their desires.

The pandemic did lead to some adjustments, in order to keep both current and potential members safe.

For Panhellenic sorority recruitment over this past President’s Day weekend, a hybrid format was used to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is a more relaxed policy than the prior year’s online recruitment, which took place in accordance with BU’s stricter protocols during the Spring 2021 semester.

For those who rushed this semester, it was stressful. But, a mix of virtual and in-person recruitment gave more opportunities for connection.

“It was definitely a stressful experience,” said Ella Loizides (CAS ‘25). “But, I was really happy we were able to do at least some of it in person.”

After recruitment was complete, new members were introduced to the rest of the group, and the social calendar began.

Due to the relaxed COVID-19 restrictions, sororities and fraternities are able to hold more events than last year. These include mixers, date parties, philanthropy events, and other smaller events.

Loizides, who became a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority, is excited to continue to get to know her fellow chapter members at all of these events.

“I am really excited to get involved in philanthropy,” said Loizides. “Also, I think it will be really fun to go to some events with everyone.”

Some of the charities BU’s Greek community work with include the Ronald Mcdonald Charity, Service for Sight, and St Jude's Research Hospital. Chapters raise money through various charity events. For example, collaborating with Boston restaurants for a share of profits, or with on-campus events.

If COVID-19 policies remain the same, BU’s Greek life will continue to hold their events as planned, and will foster an environment that allows for both philanthropic and social events for their members.

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