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In Defense of Staycations:

A homebody’s guide to vacationing at home.

By Kritika Iyer

Graphic by Tess Adams

Being originally from Iowa and going to school in Boston, and as a homebody, most of my breaks are spent back at home. I haven’t actually had a luxurious vacation in a couple of years. Sure, I make some day trips to random towns here and there, and being in Boston gives me a chance to experience a different environment, but for the most part I’ve been a dedicated staycation-er.

I feel a little lame when people ask me about my summer, and I tell them that all I did was go home for summer, worked my internship, and hung out with my hometown friends and family. Especially when they tell me they traveled or interned in an amazing city. But there’s no need to be ashamed, as there are so many benefits to taking a vacation at or near home.

The biggest win is saving money. No spending money on plane tickets, rental cars, tourist activities, and other large expenses you might be confronted with on a grand vacation. If you travel near home, the most you’ll likely spend is money on gas, living accommodations, and maybe restaurants here and there. If you fully stay at home, you’ll be saving on all that, and enjoying a nice vacation at no extra cost.

Staying home, you also don’t have to go through the debate of Airbnb or Hotel. Deciding whether you’d want to stay in an Airbnb for the comfort, but now you have to buy groceries, or choose the hotel for the convenience but have to eat out every night.

Overall, saving money comes with saving yourself from excess stress. None of that airport hustle and bustle, no running from one gate to the next as you race to catch your connecting flight. No need to plan an itinerary when you're home, simply get up, make your way to the couch, and do whatever your heart desires.

Additionally, with staying home, there’s no need to pack. You’ll never worry about whether or not you’re packing enough or too much. Never face the stress of having to find the closest Target because you forgot to pack a toothbrush, deodorant, and basically every toiletry item you use every day, but still somehow forgot to throw in your suitcase before you left.

At the end of the day, staycations are best because they give you a chance to enjoy and explore the home you’ve chosen for yourself. We spend so much of our time in our homes working, cooking, and cleaning, but rarely give ourselves a chance to relax and explore our homes beyond the purpose they serve.

So, take a staycation, watch that movie you’ve been putting off, or go to that new shop around the corner that you’ve been meaning to stop by! Do it all!

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