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Incorporating Trendy Pieces Into Your Personal Style

Trends in fashion are constantly emerging in our media-saturated world, making it challenging to keep up with the latest best-sellers.

By Madison Lamacchia

A girl lowering her sunglasses and looking to the side
Photo By: James Roberts

Some people fully avoid hot-ticket items — dismissing them for the sole purpose of their popularity. Conversely, other individuals blindly embrace trending items for the very same reason. The problem can lie in the assumption that trends should be followed uniformly. The solution is to use trends as a source of inspiration instead and integrate them into your individual style.

How to do this?

Understand Your Personal Style & Your Wardrobe.

To achieve this, it’s essential to understand your personal style. Look beyond labels like minimalistic or street style and closely examine your existing wardrobe. Identify your favorite clothing items, preferred color palettes, and your overall style.

Knowing your preferences will help you adopt trends that align with your unique style.

Research The Different Ways a Trending Item is Styled.

Now that you better understand your personal style and wardrobe, you will be better equipped to encounter the latest trends when you open your “For You Page” on TikTok. Chances are, there is more than one way to style a garment the way you see it pieced together on Instagram.

Additionally, explore various ways trending items are styled. Fashion magazines and blogs offer diverse approaches to styling. Analyze these looks and incorporate elements that resonate with your personal style.

Avoid Microtrends.

Avoid buying the temporarily “in” clothing items that most brands mass produce when they’ve gained quick popularity. Instead, use trending items as inspiration and seek similar-vibe alternatives that aren’t as popular. This ensures a personalized touch, making your style enduring even as trends come and go.

For example, rather than opting for the currently trending New Balance 550 sneakers, consider similar-vibe options like the Converse As-1 Pros.”

New Balance 550 Sneakers
New Balance 550 Sneakers ($119.99)

Converse AS-1 Pro
Converse AS-1 Pro ($88)

Trends and trending items come and go, but your unique style is a constant. By considering your fashion preferences and making deliberate styling choices, you can enable your style to enhance your individuality. Make each trend your own, ensuring that what you wear remains a timeless reflection of your personality.


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