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Inspiring Documentaries To Watch On Netflix

These documentaries are worth every minute of your time

By Darcy Gallagher

In need of some inspiration? Add these Netflix documentaries to your watch list.

Rising Phoenix

Telling the incredible stories of Paralympic athletes, this documentary will bring you to tears and leave you breathless as you watch the resilience and strength of these athletes. Rising Phoenix takes you through the many hardships these athletes have overcome and watch as they astonishingly defy society’s odds through their Olympic sports. The film touches upon the history of the Paralympics—how it started, its early struggles to become part of the games, and the journey from empty seats to packed stadiums. Watching these athletes compete on a worldwide stage is a gift.


Go on tour with Michelle Obama! Michelle Obama is a remarkable inspiration to many people, especially young girls and women of color. After eight years in the White House, Obama takes us with her behind the scenes as she travels around the U.S. on tour for her award-winning book Becoming, an empowering memoir. This documentary allows you to get to know Obama and her family on a personal level, experiencing her great sense of humor and taste in music. As she shares her story, it is incredible to see the impact she has on the lives of others, specifically through the small group mentor sessions she holds for young girls of color while on tour.

Although not on Netflix, this documentary absolutely deserves a spot on this list. Raymond Braun, LGBTQ+ advocate, journalist, and media personality, is the host and takes you to LGBTQ+ Pride celebrations in three different cities across the U.S. to discover Pride’s impact on the LGBTQ+ people living in these communities. The documentary is very inspiring and free to watch on YouTube! Hear many people’s stories, learn more about LGBTQ+ Pride and its history, and listen to what Pride means to young people today.

A Life On Our Planet

Everyone needs to watch this documentary. Our planet’s health, species, and ecosystems are in danger. Through stunning cinematography and his classic magisterial voice, David Attenborough contributes to his series of films with this inspiring story. David takes us through how human activities and climate change have impacted the world’s habitats and species during his lifetime. Reminding you of how beautifully colorful and vibrant our world used to be, he provides us with solutions to restore that beauty and biodiversity. It will inspire you to join the fight to, quite literally, save the world.

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