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Introducing The Camber App

A Traveler’s Gateway to Feeling Like a Local.

By Estee Langbord

Photo by Mark Michelini

When traveling to unfamiliar places, our most common reflex as travelers is to turn to Google to find suggestions on where to eat or sights to see. This is the biggest mistake travelers could make, as the Internet’s recommendations are likely overdone, overpopulated, and unauthentic. Visiting these places will undoubtedly categorize one as a tourist, and strip travelers of the local experiences they crave.

It’s time to approach travel like a local using the Camber App, a beta-app undergoing its developmental stages. Camber brings local experiences to tourists, allowing them to feel like tourists in their hometowns.

Camber combines the beloved features of Instagram and Yelp, allowing users locally and globally to connect with their friends and family, post, review, share their personal experiences, and navigate through an interactive map filled with the suggestions of their friends.

Categorized by experience type, Camber makes it easy to discover exactly how you want to spend your time, offering suggestions for shopping, hotels, self-care, dining, exercise, outdoors, and so much more. Simply click on the activity type you are interested in, and you are presented with thousands of options, the top choices being those already experienced and reviewed by your friends and followers.

Travelers, you can finally bid adieu to the hours of research and never-ending scrolling previously taken to plan your perfect itinerary. Allow Camber to simplify and improve your travel experience through personalization and reliable references.


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